Cheap Dyson Motors – 150 Reasons Not to Buy One.

If you are looking for a cheap replacement motor for your Dyson vacuum cleaner, you may well head over to eBay or Amazon or a similar site and buy the cheapest one you can find.

You can sometimes get a cheap Chinese copy one for about twenty pounds. After all, a motor is just a motor isn’t it? Well, no it isn’t.

Genuine Dyson motors are of course, superb. However, they also come with a pretty superb price tag, so not many people supply them when you can get one of comparable or OEM quality for half that price.

Some manufacturers of after-market motors produce excellent units, some not so much.

Some manufacturers produce two ranges, one is a premium motor designed for Dyson engineers and repair shops that care about their customers and do not want comebacks. One is a budget motor designed for the pile em’ high and sell em’ cheap brigade that you typically find on eBay and such sites.

The budget one doesn’t have to work for very long, a few weeks will usually do. Long enough to get some positive buyer feedback. The sellers know that to return a faulty motor by tracked delivery will cost the hapless buyer about £7 with the Post Office. As they only paid about £20 for it, most wont bother. They will just buy another from elsewhere.

The premium motor is typically fitted by sellers that have a good reputation they prefer to keep. Because premium motors work and don’t tend to burn out prematurely.

You as a buyer are not really going to know the difference by reading a sales blurb. Many sales listings are written by people whose grasp of English is rather scant, or copied from elsewhere. Many sellers steal similar looking product photos off the internet so you don’t really know the quality of motor you are buying until a few weeks after you have fitted it.

As many will know, we at Dyson Medic are also Dyson engineers, and we change a lot of Dyson vacuum motors. To give you a feeling of just how many we change, the picture below is some of our scrap ones going for recycling this week.

Cheap Dyson Motors

There are about 150 scrap motors there (hence the article title) and many of those are the cheap and nasty copies sold on many auction sites.

The Dyson spares business is a highly competitive sector of the market, and being unable to judge quality online, many people tend to buy on price alone; which is a false economy.

For high volume internet sellers, that means they can work on a profit of just pence per item and simply sell the absolute cheapest item they can find. By the van load. Quality irrelevant. They rely on buyer apathy and expensive returns putting buyers off returning faulty items.

I could publish specific sellers, manufacturers and part numbers to avoid, but to do so would render it outdated quickly, not to mention putting us in a legally murky area.

Many sellers operate multiple selling accounts and channels, part numbers change, and some manufacturers sell identical looking items under two part numbers. One is the premium motor; the other is a budget one made to a price. So us publishing specific ‘to avoid’ lists would be pointless.

Better to make a simple recommendation we think.

The only way for the man in the street to get a quality Dyson motor is to buy one from Dyson specialists that know what they are doing and refuse to sell rubbish. You can do so here: Dyson Spare Parts.

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  1. DO you sometimes give those scrap motors to people who give cash for them? scrap metal is worth a lot these days 🙂

  2. Just stripped down the wifes 25 power head the motor is original looking at the commutator the thing has copper sections pressed in this not a commutator that is destined for long service life and its these commutators that are the fault with the model 25 ,in these days of saving money this was a cheap way to go !
    Dyson know this,for the price of the motor i would have expected a billit copper commutator !

  3. Hi, how can I find carbon brushes for the dyson dc47?

  4. I’m not aware you can. Buy a motor.

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