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Cheap Dyson Motors – 150 Reasons Not to Buy One.

If you are looking for a cheap replacement motor for your Dyson vacuum cleaner, you may well head over to eBay or Amazon or a similar site and buy the cheapest one you can find. You can sometimes get a cheap Chinese copy one for about twenty pounds. After all, a motor is just a motor […]

All the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Models

How many Dysons are there? Dyson makes so many different models of vacuum cleaner, and are always introducing new ones onto the market, that people find the model numbers very confusing. Was the DC01 the first? No it wasn’t actually. The first widely-available vacuum cleaner James Dyson made was called the ‘G-Force’ . It was the first vacuum cleaner to use […]

How to change the belt on a Dyson DC17

Looking for how to change the belt on a Dyson DC17? You came to the right place. The Dyson DC17 is a US market model. It doesn’t feature ball technology. It features an auto-adjusting cleaner head and the usual technology including the 16 ft quick draw wand and hose. It has a large debris channel to pick up […]

Dyson DC17 User Instruction Manual

Looking for an original Dyson instruction and operating manual for your Dyson DC17? You have come to the right place. When you buy a used or a reconditioned Dyson, unless you have acquired it from a meticulous old lady who had it from new, you are unlikely to have got the original user manual. Many people are […]

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