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The Unofficial Dyson Forums Newsletter – Summer 2014

The Unofficial Dyson Forums Newsletter – Summer 2014. Hello Dyson Enthusiast, It has been a while since we sent out a forum newsletter, several years in fact. So we thought one was long overdue. We would like to bring you up-to-date on the happenings on the site in recent months. The forum continues to go […]

BBC Watchdog Item on Dyson Repairer Appliance Service Direct Ltd

BBC’s Watchdog recently did a piece on UK Vac Services Ltd, also referred to in the feature as Appliance Service Direct Ltd (one and the same number and data it seems). While we applaud the effort of the BBC to educate consumers on the dangers of some of the “Repair your Dyson in your own home” […]

Cheap Dyson Motors – 150 Reasons Not to Buy One.

If you are looking for a cheap replacement motor for your Dyson vacuum cleaner, you may well head over to eBay or Amazon or a similar site and buy the cheapest one you can find. You can sometimes get a cheap Chinese copy one for about twenty pounds. After all, a motor is just a motor […]

£18 for a Stubborn Dirt Brush? Really Mr Dyson?

The stubborn dirt brush is slightly better at some tasks than the standard brush tool. It has much stiffer bristles and really allows you to get stuck into stuff like dried on mud and the various detritus that kids leave all over houses and cars. OK, so its a nice and handy little tool and […]

Where to Buy an Extra Long Dyson Flex.

So you want an extra-long flex for your Dyson? Maybe you want a replacement flex for your Kirby? You are in luck too! Some call it a cord, lead, wire or cable – its a tomato tomarto thing. We say flex. Technically, Dyson do not supply extra length flexes for their machines. Of course, you […]

Purple Dyson Stair Tools Now Available Again

Dyson discontinued the purple stair tools some time ago. They reverted to making only grey/silver ones that were compatible for any machine. However, now they have the cheek to charge you a whopping £10 for one of their stair tools. And as you are checking out, adding a further £3 for shipping. An eye-watering £13 […]

Dyson’s over-priced mini turbine tool no longer dominates the market!

For some time, Dyson customers have been wondering why the mini turbine tool that Dyson sell costs an agonizingly expensive £45 to buy from them. It seems a little over-priced at £45 doesn’t it? “Forty five quid?” I hear you gasp in disbelief. For sure, Dyson have never been shy in selling an item at the very top end of what they […]

All the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Models

How many Dysons are there? Dyson makes so many different models of vacuum cleaner, and are always introducing new ones onto the market, that people find the model numbers very confusing. Was the DC01 the first? No it wasn’t actually. The first widely-available vacuum cleaner James Dyson made was called the ‘G-Force’ . It was the first vacuum cleaner to use […]

Dyson DC03 Switch Removal and Cable Replacement

Removing the switch unit from a Dyson DC03 in order that you can access the power switch and the mains lead (flex): Now the Dyson DC03’s are getting a little elderly, the cable occasionally breaks inside the sheathing near to where it enters the machine. This can cause intermittent operation as the break in the wire opens and closes as the machine is moved around and the cable flexes. Occasionally, the power switch itself may fail necessitating replacement.

The coloured button itself must be removed first. The power button on a Dyson DC03 depresses at the front to power the machine on and off, and pivots at the back. In order to be able to remove it without breaking it, you must first understand exactly how and where it pivots. The picture below is of a DC03 switch unit out of the machine but reassembled so you can see the pivot point.

The arrow in the photo is indicating the pivot point.

In order to remove the button, you need to place a slim blade down the side of the switch button, at each side, to dislocate the pegs from the holders. The hard part is knowing exactly where to place your blade at each side, which is why I showed you a switch unit removed, but re-assembled with the button in place. You need to be careful doing this bit as the plastic may crack while you are manipulating it.

Buy a Dyson DC03 Motor

If you are seeking to replace the motor on your Dyson DC03, it is called a “YDK” motor and will have the code “YV920” on the side. There is only one type fitted to all Dyson DC03 models.

The DC03 motors are quite sturdy units. They were used in the Dyson DC03’s back when Dysons were still made in England in the late 1990’s. However, fifteen years or so later, the odd one is starting to fail now.

They are still available new, but are quite expensive compared to the value of your Dyson DC03 machine now. Many of the ones available are cheap Chinese knock-offs that will last nothing like the period of time your old one did.

As the originals were so well built, consider buying a quality used one. Not only is it green as you are recycling, but life expectancy should be just fine as long as the one you buy is properly tested and not sparking near the armature when in use.

The picture below shows you the YDK YV-920 motor, so you know what you are looking at.

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