Dyson Airblade Motors and PCB’s Now Available.

Dyson have typically been very shy to supply Dyson Airblade spare parts to the trade.

If they do, they usually want a serial number, probably in order that they can track how machines are getting into the aftermarket.

As used Airblades command such a high price, even broken, obtaining machines to dismantle for spares has always proved challenging. That means even used parts for AB01’s and AB03’s carry a premium.

Airblade digital motors and Printed Circuit Boards (Control PCB) have always proved to be the most elusive to come by. You find the odd one on eBay but they are snapped up in minutes.

However, as we know, Manchester Vacs has pioneered bringing to market Dyson spares you simply cannot buy anywhere else, and they have now done it again by getting hold of some rather hard-to-find Dyson Airblade spares.

Now, we don’t know what the long term availability of this stuff is; they don’t even know yet. But at the time of writing, these are in stock:

Airblade PCB’s: 

Dyson Airblade PCB 16731-01-01


Airblade Motors:

Dyson Airblade Motor 06930-05-01


In the Dyson spares world, spares like these are known to be as rare as hens teeth!

Manchester Vacs stock a plethora of otherwise unavailable Dyson spare parts, among them DC02 HEPA filters, DC02 cable rewinds, DC25 PCB’s and DC25 brushroll motors.

Now they have made some very hard-to-find Airblade spares available.

Unfortunately for our friends over the pond, these two components are for 220-240v machines. That means NOT USA. They are fine for all UK, European, Russian, Australian, New Zealand any other AB01/AB03 Airblade machines that use a 220-240v range voltage.

They are NOT suitable for 110-120v machines that are typically AB02 and AB04 models.

So here is where to get them from at the best price, their Airblade spares page: Dyson Airblade Spare Parts.

Best Buy

4 Responses to “Dyson Airblade Motors and PCB’s Now Available.”

  1. I bought a new motor from Dyson for the AB01, unfortunately I didn’t see your site until now.
    I was wondering if you could help, Dyson don’t seem to want to.

    The new wiring hasen’t got the ferrite cores on, are these necessary?
    Also, the original connections have resistors on them, the new ones don’t, Do I have to refit these on to the new wiring?

  2. The ferrite cores are not needed. The resistors might be.

  3. Thank you

  4. I am after a PCB board 13884-01-03
    Airblade Serial Number A01-UK-090403 J 074A

    Cheers Darren

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