Where to buy a Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer Filter

So you want to buy a Dyson Airblade filter?

You are in the right place.

You have probably called up Dyson and found out that they want a pint of blood, your left kidney, all your personal data, machine serial numbers and then, after all that, they will refuse to sell them to you.

It has been the case for some time that Dyson refused to supply the trade with any Dyson Airblade spares, as we noted in this article.

In recent months, Dyson have declined to supply the after-market, Dyson spare part sellers and machine refurbishers with Dyson spares for Airblade hand dryers. Not that that really creates more than a mild inconvenience of course, as those in the trade look to the after-market for solutions or grey import, but I digress.

Yes, we have been there. And not just us. People have even taken to social media lambasting Dyson because they refuse to sell anyone Airblade hand dryer filters.

Some have even threatened Dyson with Trading Standards and Watchdog to get supply. Look what this guy had to do to even get a return call from Dyson:


But now all that silliness is over.

As we are fond of highlighting here, when a manufacturer artificially creates supply difficulties, overprices items, or tries to monopolise a marketplace to the exclusion of the appliance spares trade, the after-market will respond. As it has done so many times in the past.

Well, it has took a couple of years, but the after-market has responded. Today, this landed on my desk.

Dyson Airblade Filter

Yes, that is a good quality after-market Dyson Airblade filter.

Here is the underside.

Dyson Airblade Filter

The difference is that you can buy these without serial numbers, registration, or anyone trying to up-sell you into a new hand dryer.

Better still, you don’t have to call anyone begging for them as you did before with Dyson. You can buy them painlessly online and get one or more delivered anywhere in the world.

Problem solved. thumbs

Oh, you want to know where from?

Get them here: Buy Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer Filters.

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