The Brush Roll Won’t Turn – Dyson DC04, Dyson DC07 and Dyson DC14

So your brush roll (sometimes called a brush bar or a beater bar) wont turn or spin round on your Dyson DC04, Dyson DC07 or Dyson DC14?

I am going to cover the DC04, DC07 and DC14  models altogether here as the following advice is applicable for all three as they have very similar bottom end mechanicals.

First you should establish if your machine is a model with a clutch or without a clutch.  If your machine is a model with a clutch, it will typically be designated as an “all floors”, a “multi floor”, an “allergy”, an “animal” or an “absolute”. If your Dyson has a clutch fitted, it will have a knob on the bottom body on the left hand side (looking from the front). It looks like this:

Dyson Clutch

The clutch (if fitted), is designed to stop your machine from breaking the belts. If your machine has a clutch, the reason the brush bar isn’t spinning is unlikely to be a snapped belt. The clutch allows your brush roll to be turned off (for certain types of hard floors, etc.). First you should check if your brush bar is turned on. Try to turn the knob one click clockwise to the “auto” position.

If it is in the “auto” position already, now recline the machine by bending the wand handle back whilst holding your foot in the front corner recess of the body when the machine is running (in cleaning position). Did you know that on clutched models, the brush bar is not designed to turn until the machine is reclined into the cleaning position? Many people don’t. Many people think if the brush bar isn’t spinning when the Dyson is upright, that there is something wrong with it. There isn’t! Check to see if the brush bar spins when the machine is reclined in the cleaning position! If after turning the clutch to “auto” the machine brush bar is spinning when the machine is reclined, the problem is solved.

If you have a Dyson without a clutch, the brush roll should spin at all times; no matter if the machine is reclined or stood upright. If your machine doesn’t have a clutch, and the brush bar is not spinning, check the drive belt, it has probably snapped and wants replacing.

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  1. Replacing the belt will not help suction as such, but it will make the machine pick up again. The agitation of the brush turning aids in pickup. If the machine has no suction at the lower hose, you must check the carriage mechanism where the valve cover lifts out from to make sure it is switching over when the machine is reclined.

    Also, you know the machine will only suck from the cleaner head when it is reclined, yes? If you are testing it in the upright position then suction is diverted to the wand.

  2. Hi Angus,
    I have a Dyson DC 15. The brush roller will not turn. Occasionally it will if you hold the handle at a certain angle. The brush is clean and debris free. Is it the clutch?

  3. No, the DC15 doesn’t have a clutch. What you have there is a broken loom in the hinging mechanism. Or possibly a micro switch. My money is on the loom, it is this one:

    But fitting it is not really an amateur job. Unless you are quite experienced with this stuff, I would give that one to a local Dyson specialist to fix.

    I can see from your connection you are in Colorado, if Littleton is anywhere near you, this guy will be able to do it:

  4. Hi this is Eddie from EZ Vacuum in Highlands Ranch CO, we are an authorized Dyson dealer for sales and repairs. It sound that your DC15 have an electric issue, may be electronics. Any question please call 720-348-0400 or stop by at 9579 S University Blvd

  5. Hi Angus, hoping you can help.
    I have a DC14 Blitz It with a clutch. I replaced a clutch a while back and all seemed ok. However after reading this thread I am thinking we’ve had a different problem all along.

    When I have the clutch knob in the middle “auto” position, it has never automatically flicked to on when I tilt back to vacuum. I have always assumed I am supposed to manually kick it on – which I do.

    This has served ok but recently I notice that the vacuum seems to stick to the floor due to too much suction at the base, whether on carpet or hard floor. After toying around I find that the soleplate itself has a pivot (where the brush bar is mounted) and that after a few seconds of use the soleplate tilts the front up and vacuuming becomes impossible. If I pull the soleplate front down again, it works fine until it pops back up. I can’t see how or what mechanism is supposed to keep it down.

    I can’t see how to fix this latter issue and am hoping somehow it’s related to the first issue. Any ideas would be really appreciated!

  6. It sounds like it may have been reassembled incorrectly at some stage.

    You have to manually kick the clutch on after its reclined for the brush roll to turn?

  7. Many thanks for all the advice, in particular Anne’s details about her phone to Dyson cured my problem.

  8. Manfromcleves on Jan 5th 2013 you are a star. I have had my Dyson in bits trying to work out why the roller wasn’t working. Was determined not to pay Dyson over £80 to replace the clutch which was the diagnosis from the Dyson helpline assistant. Your remedy of removing the roller end caps and removing approximately 18 years of muck,dust and hair from the metal posts has done the trick. I can’t remember the last time I saw the roller spinning around so quickly!! Many many thanks

  9. I have a DC 14 Animal and the brush bar stopped turning. I replaced the clutch and still no luck. I reclined it with it on carpet and still nothing. What else could it be and is it worth fixing?

  10. How do i fit a drive belt to my yellow dyson 04, it is encased where the belt is supposed to be threaded through.Help please

  11. You would ordinarily change the clutch if the belt is snapped.

    Instructions here:

    Cheaper clutches than espares here:

    You will need a T15 screwdriver and this belt tool:

    If you prefer to change the belt, they are here:

    And clutch stripping instructions are here:,748.msg2556.html#msg2556

  12. thank you for the excellent advice saved me getting in touch with DysonMedic.thank you,thank you.

  13. Hi,

    I have a DC04 where the roller is not rotating. I have cleaned out the roller and the belt driving the roller rotates with the roller maunally.

    The DC04 has a clutch and tried the advise given by Anne Millward, 26 June 2012. The roller will rotate if I move by hand the outside clutch knob, in to a certain position in the auto mode. However, once I start to use the Dyson, the roller will stop again. This is in the reclined position.

    Any further advise would be appreciated.


  14. The clutch needs removing and inspecting, Peter.

  15. Hi,

    Great article and thank you for taking the time to post it. Saved me a load of time, cost & embarrassment.



  16. Bought a Dyson DC24, for its lightness and ease of use, in the early days of production. It worked Ok for six months or so until it began to sound like a very large and powerful tractor. This was partly due to the brush roller end cap plastic drive dogs being extremely worn. It was duly replaced but soon the problem recurred so the “thing” was assigned to a dark cupboard and forgotten about in favour of our old Dyson DC01 (A much sturdier and reliable animal altogether). Had a look at the DC24 recently and realised that the brush roller at the drive end and clutch were causing the roller to wobble about like a bandy knee. This is a serious and very very poor design fault using cheap and nasty materials not fit for purpose. Shame on Mr Dyson! Was this obvious fault rectified in later production. Did Dyson keep the direct drive of the roller brush. Is there a solution other than chucking the whole thing in the garbage?

  17. I have a new Dyson Animal DC59 but the roller only works intermittently. When it spins it spins very fast but then stops for no reason. Suction is fine. I have taken the roller out and checked for blockages on the roller and edges but as I say it is new, so it is hardly dirty. I thought it may be an electrical connection problem but have tried to change the pressure at the connection points but this has no effect.

  18. The DC59 are nothing like these machines. They are a hand-held. Have Dyson fix it under warranty (make the most of that as its only 2 years long on hand-helds). I am not a big fan of hand-helds, they are not built like Dysons were.

  19. DC14, brush roller not being driven. Now part dismantled and the belt from motor to clutch found broken. Can’t get the clutch assembly off yet to replace it.

  20. Hi All, I hope this might help! I have a DC14 where the brush bar had stopped turning, the motor was spinning. I replaced the belt but it burnt through straight away.

    So I removed the brush bar, pulled both ends off to find they were both full of hair and dirt. I removed this and even popped the plastic off the end of the bearings. A quick spray of wd-40 and put everything back together and hey presto. Fully working 20mins later

  21. There is a clutch strip down guide >>here<< and you can get belts >>here<<.

  22. Hi I am trying to help an elderly gentleman by fixing hes Dyson dc03. I have changed the clutch but the motor belt keeps slipping off the motor spindle. the brush bar turns if i hold it on. any idea as i dont want him to have to buy a new hoover if i can fix it. thanks

  23. The clutch is fitted incorrectly.

  24. We have a dc40 and the brush won’t spin. I have taken it apart and cleaned all the dog hair out of the usual places. I used a volt meter and checked voltage at the plug where the brush attaches and got no reading. Any ideas?


  25. This is the usual problem:,1190.0.html

  26. Hello,

    I also have a DC14 with brush bar not turning. I have followed all of the really useful advice above:cleaned out the brush bar, checked the belt, lubricated the bearings, tried resetting the clutch, but all without success. The brush bar turns by hand, but not when the motor is running, even fully reclined. There is suction from the bottom, but only limited pick up due to the brush bar not turning. Suction and pick up using the hose is fine.

    Can I therefore please ask: is my next job to replace the clutch? I am quite happy to do that, but before doing so, I just thought I should check whether there is anything else I should check or do first.

    Many thanks,

  27. It sounds like the clutch needs inspecting, yes.

  28. Hi Angus,

    Thanks for your reply, I will go ahead and remove the clutch and replace it.


  29. Hi Angus

    Have just bought a second hand DC04 (yellow) off ebay.

    The brush spins in both positions but there is no suction in the reclined position but with the the wand the suction is brilliant.

    Any ideas how to resolve the suction issue when hoover is reclined?

    Many thanks


  30. Its a question you will find the answer to here:

  31. I know this post is old but I’m at my wit’s end with my vacuum. I have a Dyson DC07 and the brush is not spinning when reclined. I cleaned the filter, cleaned the brush, checked all the connections for blockage, and I even just replaced the clutch. After the clutch was replaced, I checked to see if it would spin and it started to but seems like it’s caught? It’ll spin for a minute and then sort of lag and stop. I was able to turn it off then back on and it would start again, only to stop after a few seconds. Now I’m unable to get it to spin at all. Any advice?

  32. It may be that you have trapped the belt when refitting. Better to use the forums >>here<< for this type of question as it requires interaction to diagnose properly.

  33. I have a dc25 the roller brush won’t engage until I move the angle of the wand. It won’t stay on by itself. Why?? Thank you for your help!

  34. DC 14 Animal-Hi- Belt is slipping where it spins the brush, won’t catch and turn the roller brush. Cleaned brush.
    Any ideas?

  35. Hi I have a dc14 with the beater bar not turning. I have replaced the clutch but still not turning. It also sometimes makes a loud clicking noise. It seems it will turn a little if you try and help it when turned on and reclined in a certain position or it may just be as the motor is slowing down it seems to catch temporarily. Can you help?

  36. It needs a clutch.

  37. Cheryl Sweeney on March 8th, 2018 at 10:06 am

    Hi Angus have a DC04 and does not pick up dirt etc properly and have discovered broken belt where can i get a new belt cheers


  39. Hi, I have a dc04, the brush would not turn, so, after following instructions on YouTube and discovering that the large belt was snapped I have replaced the clutch. I followed instructions step by step but the brush still won’t turn. Is there something I’m missing? 🙁

  40. Hello, and thank you for all the helpful advice! I have a DC14 and my brush actually turns – at least, until it hits the carpet. Then it stops. The tension between the clutch and the beater bar is solid (I needed the tool to get the brush off!). Do you think I need a new “small” belt inside the clutch, or a whole new clutch itself? Or maybe just clean it? I got this far and realized I need a T15 driver to get the cover off (I could get at the two exposed screws with an old screwdriver and T15 head, but that’s too big to fit through the little hole and get at the third screw to remove the cover and get full access to the clutch to see if cleaning it out will help). Going to buy the stupid little tool tomorrow and take another shot tomorrow night, but wondering your thoughts in the meantime. Thanks!

  41. You want either a new clutch or a clutch refurb. How to refurb a clutch is here:,748.msg2556.html#msg2556

  42. Hi, I purchased a new Dyson V8 Animal on Friday, fully charged it and went to use it on Saturday and the bar on the motorhead and smaller attachment won’t spin, I’m wonder if there is a particular reason or if it is a faulty product, thanks.

  43. Faulty pole or bin probably. I’d return it to the shop.

  44. Jennifer MacArthur on March 7th, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    Hi I have the dc07 and the beater bar that stops when reclining seems as if bar is lifted and no longer touching the floor. Help I have owned for 10 years and want to give it one more shot before kicking it to the curb. Thanks for your time

  45. Turn the small hose clockwise a quarter turn and that should resolve.

  46. Hi. I have a Dyson D07. Clutch with some noise (rattle, clatter). Do you know what can cause a clutch to damage??. Do you think a clutch is damaged by some clogger hair in the rolling bar or it is the wear and tear that damages the clutch??

  47. Strip it down to check.

  48. My Dyson 04 with clutch, brush don’t rotate, checked belt, it’s ok. What else can I check

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