BBC Watchdog Item on Dyson Repairer Appliance Service Direct Ltd

BBC’s Watchdog recently did a piece on UK Vac Services Ltd, also referred to in the feature as Appliance Service Direct Ltd (one and the same number and data it seems).

While we applaud the effort of the BBC to educate consumers on the dangers of some of the “Repair your Dyson in your own home” businesses that cold call people, we suggest that the BBC might like to do a little more research before disseminating incorrect information as they did in what can only be described as sloppy journalism.

In the feature, the presenter Matt Allwright demonstrates to camera how a Dyson filter can be washed.

Watchdog Dyson Repairers

Apart from the fact that the very black filter cover was still blocked when he finished (we pressure wash those), he didn’t bother to inform the viewers that the filter must then be thoroughly dried on a radiator or in a warm place before re-fitting. As a result of this, we expect many people to start to insert wet filters in their machine which makes the motor go, um….. BANG! 

Nice one, Matt. kater

The feature also highlighted Dyson’s marketing claim that Dyson filters are all lifetime filters. Well, that isn’t strictly true in our opinion, as the article here explains: Dyson Lifetime Filters Explained.

The latter half of the Watchdog feature seemed to focus on the car of the director of the company.

Watchdog Dyson Feature

I failed to see what the implication was of harping on continuously about Mark Henderson’s Range Rover. That, in my opinion, is a typical bit of BBC propaganda that goes along the lines of anyone who drives a Range Rover is a Polar bear-killing, gas-guzzling naughty capitalist whose actions are melting the ice caps. The preferred BBC way, of course, is to eat fair-trade Muesli and tofu while wearing very thin spectacles and driving a Toyota Prius.

The mans car had no bearing on the article at all, and the lack of filter research that may make people damage their Dysons is, in my opinion, simply sloppy journalism by the BBC.

Added to which, there was some unfair criticism of “Cheap Chinese copy parts”. Whilst it is true that some after-market spare parts are made in China, but so probably is most of what you own.

After-market parts are not strictly “copies” as the designs must differ. In some cases, after-market manufacturers address original design flaws. And Dyson themselves make parts in China, Malaysia and other countries.

After-market parts can sometimes be rubbish indeed (see much of eBay for details), but all should definitely not be tarred with the same brush. The after-market spare parts industry is a legitimate industry, often producing very good items. As with anything, good and bad exist.

But putting that aside, the thrust and conclusion of the article was one that needed to be out there. It has been publicised before by Watchdog, the media, by Dyson themselves, and in more detail on this article: Dyson “Special Offer” Telephone Calls are a Scam.

About Dyson Servicing in the Home: Dyson Medic’s Recommendations:- 

  • We do not recommend (unless you are employing Dyson themselves, and YOU contacted THEM) any service that repairs Dysons in your home unless you can properly verify the reputation of the company concerned.
  • Please be aware that a listing on websites like Yell or other directories is no guarantee whatsoever of a reputable company. They are unverified.
  • Please be aware that a flashy website is no guarantee whatsoever of a reputable company, either. Anybody can build a website and write anything they like on it.
  • We do not recommend responding to anyone who cold calls you offering to service your Dyson (or any other home appliance for that matter). Reputable appliance repair companies do not cold call people. They don’t need to.
  • If you want to have your Dyson repaired, seek out a local specialist or repair shop. Preferably one that also has a bricks and mortar presence too. You may find one, and can also ask about one here: Find a Local Dyson Repairer.
  • If you are practically inclined, and feel able to DIY, try here: Dyson Repair Manuals. There is also our Dyson Medic blog here, together with our original Dyson Medic site. Not to mention the Dyson forums here: Unofficial Dyson Forums.


For those who want to watch the Watchdog feature, I am not sure how long the link will stay live for, but it can currently be seen >>here<<.

If you want to read a transcript of the Watchdog feature, you can view and download a PDF of it by clicking the button below.


Without a doubt though, Watchdog exposed once more dishonest Dyson repairers who perform over-priced rip off repairs in the home. Don’t use them!

We suggest next time the BBC do a feature on Dyson servicing, they might like to ask us for an opinion before they go to air with silly statements and potentially damaging information. Sloppy journalism dilutes the message behind the article.

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