Beware Some After-Market DC25 Filters – Do Not Fit Correctly [March 2014]

As we know, after-market spare parts are usually pretty good. Well, assuming you buy off a reputable parts supplier.

Most are made in China, and there is good, bad and ugly out there. With Dyson filters, most are pretty good, but from time to time there are problems. In the main, there are one or two factories out in China that supply any given part to most of the after-market.

What this means is that if there is a faulty run of something, many sellers will have them across the world. It takes many months to get the item remade correctly, manufactured, shipped, cleared through customs and to replenish the distribution chain.

Even when the distribution chain is replenished, many thousands of the inferior items are still out there – and will be punted out on the likes of eBay and Amazon for several years to come to unsuspecting buyers.

Which brings us around to the point of todays article. DC25 HEPA filters. On the whole, the after-market ones have been pretty good, but just recently [early 2014], many suppliers started getting returns. This is because a huge batch had a manufacturing defect.

Faulty DC25 HEPA Filter

Observe the image above. The red release clip on the faulty ones sits too high when the filter is clipped home.

This causes the clip to catch the ball as the machine is pushed causing a loud clacking noise. In other words, they don’t fit as they should.

The manufacturers are now aware of this defect, and replacements are already in progress over in China. But it will likely be June or July until they become available. Possibly August.

Until then, reputable sellers have reverted to selling only genuine Dyson DC25 HEPA filters. The downside is they are in the region of £24 instead of the usual circa £10-£15 that one may be normally be picking up a non-genuine one for.

However, even when the modified ones come back available, that will leave many thousands already out there in warehouses across the world that somebody has lost a lot of money on if they are trashed. That means non-genuine DC25 filters that are sub-standard will be floating around car boot sales, eBay, Amazon and other budget venues for a long time to come. If it looks too cheap, now you know why.

If you have received a faulty DC25 post-motor HEPA filter from an internet seller that makes a loud clicking noise when you push your machine, it is faulty. return it for a refund, link them to this article if you like so they can see it is a “known” issue, and get a genuine one instead.

You can get a genuine DC25 HEPA filter from here: Dyson DC25 Post Motor HEPA Filter.

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2 Responses to “Beware Some After-Market DC25 Filters – Do Not Fit Correctly [March 2014]”

  1. hi

    mine makes that clacking sound as the filter comes off really quickly now. it never used to do this and has only started recently. mines 5 years old.

    im guessing i need a new filter? or is there another reason? the catch looks fine, it doesnt sit high.


  2. If it is blocked, it can cause the housing to warm up, expand, and the filter can pop out. I’d try a new filter first in this case.

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