How to Make Replacement Dyson Hairdryer Power Cords Fit Your HD01 Model

If you’ve found yourself in a predicament where your replacement Dyson hairdryer power cord, flex or lead doesn’t quite fit your HD01 model as expected, you’re not alone. Many users encounter this issue, leading to frustration and confusion.

However, fear not, as there’s a straightforward workaround that can save you from returning the cord or complaining to sellers. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of adapting the replacement cord to suit your HD01 model.

Understanding the Compatibility Issue

The root of the problem lies in the slight differences between the HD01 model and the later Dyson hairdryer models. While most Dyson hairdryers use the same flex for their power cords, the early HD01 models have a unique configuration that requires some adjustments to accommodate replacement cords seamlessly.

How to Make Replacement Dyson Hairdryer Power Cords Fit Your HD01 Model

Modifications Needed

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the HD01 models have the live and neutral wires oriented differently compared to later models. Additionally, the spade sizes might not align with those of the replacement cord. However, these discrepancies are not insurmountable hurdles.

Solution: Re-termination or Modification

To address the compatibility issue, you have two options. The first involves re-terminating the new flex with the spades from your old cord. This process is relatively simple and requires basic electrical skills. Alternatively, if you prefer not to tinker with the wiring, you can opt to file down the male spades on the hairdryer to match the connectors of the replacement cord. Both methods achieve the same goal of ensuring a snug fit for your HD01 model.

How to Make Replacement Dyson Hairdryer Power Cords Fit Your HD01 Model

Understanding Polarity

Another concern that may arise during this process is the polarity of the wires. In typical electrical setups, ensuring correct polarity is crucial for safety and functionality. However, Dyson hairdryers operate differently. Unlike conventional devices, Dyson hairdryers are not polarised, meaning the orientation of the live and neutral wires doesn’t affect their operation. This flexibility allows you to join wires regardless of their colour-coding, simplifying the adaptation process. Think of a European two-pin plug that plug in the socket either way.

Practical Steps

If you find yourself in possession of a replacement cord that doesn’t align with your HD01 model, follow these steps for a hassle-free resolution:

  1. Identify the Differences: Determine how the spades and wire orientation of the replacement cord differ from those of your HD01 model.
  2. Choose Your Method: Decide whether you prefer re-terminating the new flex or modifying the hairdryer’s spades to achieve compatibility.
  3. Execute the Solution: Depending on your chosen method, either re-terminate the new flex with the old spades or file down the male spades on the hairdryer to match the replacement cord.
  4. Ignore Colour Coding: Remember that Dyson hairdryers aren’t affected by wire polarity, so don’t worry if the wire colours don’t match up perfectly. You can join blue to brown and vice versa.

How to Make Replacement Dyson Hairdryer Power Cords Fit Your HD01 Model

The Challenge of Sourcing Early HD01 Cords

It’s important to note that nobody manufactures cords specifically for the very early HD01 models. This means that even if you search elsewhere, you won’t find a suitable replacement cord readily available. Modifying the later cord is the only way to fit a new power cord, lead or flex on an HD01.

Disclaimer and Safety

Before proceeding with any modifications, it’s essential to exercise caution and prioritise safety. If you’re unsure about handling electrical components, seek assistance from a qualified electrician. Additionally, note that any modifications made are at your own risk, and the authors bear no liability for the outcomes.

While encountering compatibility issues with replacement power cords for Dyson HD01 models may initially seem daunting, a straightforward solution exists. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can adapt the replacement cord to fit your HD01 model safely and effectively, restoring functionality to your hairdryer without hassle.

If you need to buy a replacement Dyson hairdryer power cord in the UK, don’t buy from Amazon or eBay where sellers are forced to inflate prices to account for greedy 20%+ seller fees, buy direct from a Dyson specialist at a better price. Our recommendation is here: >Buy a replacement Dyson hairdryer power cord<

Where to Buy Good-Quality Dyson V7 and V8 Batteries

When it comes to household appliances, Dyson stands out for its innovation and quality, especially with its revolutionary vacuum cleaners. However, Dyson owners often encounter challenges when it comes to replacing Dyson batteries, particularly for popular models like the V7 and V8.

Genuine Dyson batteries (part number 968670-02 for V7 and 967834-07 for V8) are known for their reliability but come with a significant price tag, prompting many consumers to explore aftermarket alternatives. While the market offers numerous options, it’s essential to tread carefully to avoid issues such as poor quality and safety concerns.

Exploring Aftermarket Alternatives: Genuine Dyson batteries are undoubtedly reliable, but their premium cost can deter budget-conscious consumers. As a result, aftermarket alternatives have gained popularity as more affordable options. These batteries are typically manufactured by third-party companies and designed to be compatible with Dyson models. While they can significantly reduce costs, the quality may vary. Not all aftermarket batteries offer the same level of performance and safety as genuine Dyson ones, so caution is warranted when making a choice.

Genuine Dyson V7 battery

Risks of Online Marketplaces: Platforms like eBay and Amazon are convenient hubs for purchasing aftermarket Dyson batteries due to their vast selection and ease of use. However, a significant portion of batteries available on these platforms originate from Chinese manufacturers (who often pay no VAT) and may suffer from quality issues. Reports of poor performance, premature failure, and safety hazards such as overheating or fire risk are not uncommon. Moreover, sellers on these platforms face very high seller fees, which are passed on to you and make for compromises in product quality to meet competitive price points.

Genuine Dyson V8 battery

Benefits of Specialised Dyson Retailers: Opting to purchase batteries from specialised Dyson retailers can offer a more reliable solution. Retailers like Manchester Vacs have built a reputation for their commitment to sourcing high-quality items. Unlike large online marketplaces, these retailers often have direct relationships with manufacturers or suppliers, ensuring better control over product quality. Furthermore, by purchasing directly from their websites, consumers can avoid the hidden fees associated with platforms like Amazon and eBay, meaning better value for money.

Buy Dyson V7 battery

Understanding Battery Specifications: When selecting a replacement battery, it’s essential to consider factors beyond just capacity. Milliampere-hour (mAh) is a measure of a battery’s capacity, indicating how much charge it can store. However, higher mAh doesn’t always equate to better performance or run time, as the quality of the battery cells is equally crucial.

Unscrupulous Chinese sellers (or UK sellers who sell cheap Chinese batteries) often fake or exaggerate mAh ratings, claiming figures like 5000mAh, 6000mAh, and sometimes more when the actual capacity is much lower. Many make spurious claims like “Sony cells” when in fact what is inside is no such thing. How can you check? You can’t.

A reliable battery with 3000-4000mAh from reputable sources meets the original specifications of Dyson batteries and provides sufficient power for optimal performance.

Buy Dyson V8 battery

Finding a reliable replacement battery for Dyson V7 and V8 models requires careful consideration and research. While aftermarket options offer cost savings, they may come with compromises in quality and safety. Opting for specialised Dyson retailers like Manchester Vacs can assure better quality and reliability. By understanding battery specifications and avoiding exaggerated claims, consumers can make informed decisions to ensure optimal performance and safety for their Dyson vacuum cleaners.

For trustworthy replacement batteries for Dyson V7 and V8 models, consider exploring Manchester Vacs’ selection:

Buy a Dyson V7 battery here

Buy a Dyson V8 battery here

Also, make sure you have the correct screwdriver to change your battery.

Media: Talk to a Vacuum Cleaner Expert at Manchester Vacs

Media: Manchester Vacs – Your Vacuum Cleaner Expert

For media professionals in search of a reliable source for vacuum-related expertise, Manchester Vacs is the largest independent vacuum cleaner dealer in the North of England.

Why Choose Manchester Vacs?

In the world of media, credibility is crucial. Recognized as Sebo vacuum dealers, likely the largest in the UK, and specialists in Dyson and other vacuum brands, Manchester Vacs offers straightforward insights and practical expertise.

Edwina Currie at Manchester Vacs

What They Bring to the Table

The team at Manchester Vacs holds in-depth knowledge of the vacuum cleaner industry. Whether a journalist is looking for a no-nonsense quote, a producer needs an informed guest, or a location scout seeks a backdrop, Manchester Vacs is the go-to resource.

Gordon Burns at Manchester Vacs

Expertise Without Strings Attached

What sets Manchester Vacs apart is their commitment to sharing expertise without financial obligations. Journalists, producers, and media professionals are welcome to leverage their vacuum know-how at no cost. All Manchester Vacs asks for is a mention and quote of their brand, fostering collaborative relationships within the media community.

Vacuum expert - Manchester Media City

Media Collaborations

Exploring extensive media highlights, including videos, newspaper features, and captivating photos, reveals experiences with BBC and ITV, alongside being quoted in the Times. These collaborations reinforce Manchester Vacs’ position as reliable experts in the field.

Holly Hamilton at Manchester Vacs

How They Can Assist You

For those working on feature articles, TV segments, radio shows, or any media project involving vacuum cleaners, Manchester Vacs is here to assist. The team is available for interviews, quotes, and in-depth discussions on a wide range of vacuum-related subjects.

Connect with Manchester Vacs

Ready to enhance your media content? Click the little button below to go to the Manchester Vacs media page – the source for authoritative perspectives, a team with media experience, and unparalleled knowledge in all matters related to vacuum cleaners.

Manchester Vacs Media Page

Where to Buy a Replacement Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Cable in the UK

Where to buy a replacement Dyson hair dryer power cord (cable, flex, wire, or lead if you prefer) in the UK.

Dyson hair dryer power cords are often subject to bending, twisting, and pulling, especially near the point where they enter the appliance. Over time, these repeated movements can cause the wires inside the cord to break or fray, leading to failure. You’ll not be able to see the break from outside.

This exhibits itself as no power or intermittent power to the hairdryer. It’s a known wear and tear issue with many appliances, not just Dyson hair dryers.

If you slowly wiggle and twist the wire where it goes into the Dyson hair dryer, and you get a momentary burst of power, the power cord is at fault and you need to replace it.

Here’s what they look like.

Where to Buy a Replacement Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Cable in the UK

Not to be confused with Dyson Airwap flexes – read about those here instead: Where to buy a Dyson Airwrap cable in the UK

Dyson won’t sell you a replacement hair dryer flex. When an OEM chooses not to make spare parts available – whatever the reason – it usually doesn’t take the aftermarket long to respond. As has happened with Supersonic hair dryer flexes.

Dyson hair dryers often find their way into the second-hand market once they are out of warranty for various reasons. Some people may upgrade their appliances for newer models and dispose of the old ones. Large retailers get many returns and they pass through specialist dealers and end up on the second-hand market.

The secondary market that specialises in the repair and refurbishment of Dyson appliances plays a vital role in extending the lifespan of these products. Specialised repair centres and technicians offer a range of services to address common issues that Dyson appliances may encounter, such as motor malfunctions, suction problems, or broken components. These experts possess in-depth knowledge of Dyson technology and have access to genuine and aftermarket spare parts, enabling them to diagnose and rectify issues effectively.

By providing repair and refurbishment services, the secondary market helps customers save money by avoiding the need to purchase new appliances. It also promotes sustainability by reducing electronic waste and supporting the circular economy. The availability of these repair services ensures that Dyson appliances can continue to serve their owners for years to come.

Replacement Dyson hair dryer flex lead cable

If you are in the Dyson repair trade or a capable DIYer, you’ll want to avoid buying cheap Chinese Dyson flexes from outlets such as eBay and Amazon.

Buyers may choose to avoid Chinese sellers on platforms like eBay and Amazon for a variety of reasons, including concerns about slow shipping times and poor quality products that do not meet specifications. One of the main factors contributing to these concerns is the distance between the seller in China and the buyer in another country, which can result in longer shipping times compared to local or regional sellers. This can be a disadvantage for buyers who require faster delivery or have time-sensitive needs.

There is a perception among some buyers that the overall quality control and consistency of products from Chinese sellers may be lower compared to sellers from the UK. To mitigate these risks, buyers may opt to purchase from sellers in their own country or sellers with a proven track record of reliable shipping and quality products. In other words, buy your replacement Dyson hair dryer power cords from a reputable UK seller.

Where to Buy a Replacement Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Cable in the UK

Dyson hair dryer flex fitting note: It’s worth mentioning that early Dyson hair dryers had larger spade connectors than later ones, and all manufacturers at the time of writing only make the later ones. You can re-terminate the end of the new flex if you like. What we do is grind or file the male spade on the hairdryer down a bit to fit the new flex. The caveat here is modifying a larger male electrical spade terminal to fit a smaller female connector involves grinding or filing down the terminal gradually, testing the fit periodically, and smoothing any rough edges. So do it carefully. More on this in >this article<.

So, where to buy a replacement Dyson hair dryer power cord from a reputable UK supplier?

You can buy them individually from Dyson spares specialist Manchester Vacs here: Replacement Power Cord for Dyson Hair Dryers

If you are in the trade, you can buy them in 10s from their trade page here: 10x Replacement Power Cords for Dyson Hair Dryers

They also sell them individually on Amazon and eBay, but why would you shop there instead?

Shopping on a retailer’s own website rather than buying from them via Amazon or eBay can save you money as the platform seller fees (usually circa 20%) are not being passed along to you. Purchasing directly from the retailer’s website can potentially lead to better pricing, trade discounts, or enhanced customer service. Additionally, shopping on the retailer’s website often provides access to their full range of products, repair resources, and how-to videos. By choosing to buy directly, customers are not helping Jeff buy a new spaceship either.

Thank you for reading our blog post on Dyson hair dryer power cord repairs! We hope you found the information helpful. If you know someone who might benefit from this content, we encourage you to share the link to repair forums, Facebook groups, and other social media platforms where like-minded individuals can connect and discuss their experiences and knowledge of Dyson hair dryer cable repairs. We believe in the power of community and the sharing of expertise. If you have any thoughts, questions, or personal experiences related to Dyson hair dryer flex repairs, we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below, and let’s continue the conversation together!

Where to buy a Dyson Airwrap cable in the UK

Where to buy a Dyson Airwrap cable in the UK

At the time of writing, Dyson doesn’t supply replacement Airwrap cables to the public or the trade.

We expect their reasoning for that to be that they designed the Airwrap with a built-in cable that is not intended to be replaceable by the user. In this case, if the cable becomes damaged or faulty, the entire device might need to be replaced or repaired by Dyson directly under warranty terms.

If your Airwrap needs a new flex and it is still under warranty, then contact Dyson and they will probably fix it.

However, if your device is out of warranty, or you are in the appliance repair trade, you will want to buy a Dyson Airwap cable.

Here’s what they look like.

Where to buy a Dyson Airwrap cable in the UK.

Don’t confuse an Airwap with the Supersonic hair dryer, if you have a Dyson hairdryer, read this instead: Where to Buy a Replacement Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Cable in the UK

When an OEM chooses not to make spare parts available – whatever the reason – it usually doesn’t take the aftermarket long to respond.

Where to buy a Dyson Airwrap cable in the UK

When an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) chooses not to make spare parts available for a product, the appliance spares aftermarket often step in to fill the gap and provide alternative solutions for consumers. The appliance spares aftermarket refers to a secondary market where third-party manufacturers or distributors produce and supply spare parts for various appliances and devices. Here’s how it fills the void left by OEMs:

  • Aftermarket spare parts manufacturers specialise in reverse engineering or sourcing components to replicate or replace the original parts. They invest in research and development to understand the specifications and design of the original parts, allowing them to produce compatible replacements.
  • The appliance spares aftermarket offers a diverse range of spare parts that can cater to various models and brands. This allows consumers to find suitable replacements for their appliances, even if the OEM no longer supplies the parts, or as in this case, chooses not to. The aftermarket may also provide improved versions or upgraded components that can enhance the performance or longevity of the appliance.
  • In many cases, aftermarket spare parts are available at a lower cost compared to the OEM’s offerings. The competition within the aftermarket drives prices down, making spare parts more affordable for consumers. This affordability can be particularly beneficial when the OEM’s replacement parts are expensive or difficult to obtain.
  • The appliance spares aftermarket often focuses on ensuring the availability and accessibility of spare parts. They maintain inventories of commonly required parts, ensuring quick availability when customers need them. Online platforms and local distributors make it easier for consumers to access these parts and have them delivered or purchased conveniently.
  • The appliance spares aftermarket often fosters a community of repair enthusiasts and do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts who are skilled in repairing appliances. They provide guidance, tutorials, and forums where people can seek advice on repairing their appliances using aftermarket spare parts. This community support encourages appliance repair and extends the lifespan of products.

Buy a replacement Dyson Airwrap power cord

The UK government has recognised the importance of promoting a “right to repair” and reducing electronic waste. In July 2021, the UK announced plans to introduce new legislation that would require manufacturers to make spare parts available for certain household appliances. The proposed legislation aims to extend the lifespan of products, promote repairability, and reduce electronic waste.

However, these “plans” have yet to materialise in any robust form, so if you want to buy a Dyson Airwap cable (or flex, lead, wire or power cord as you may call it), at the time of writing, you can only buy aftermarket.

It’s important to note that while the appliance spares aftermarket can be a reliable source for spare parts, there can be variations in quality and compatibility among different suppliers. Consumers should research reputable aftermarket suppliers, read reviews, and ensure the compatibility of the spare parts with their specific appliances before making a purchase. Parts sourced in the UK from Dyson specialists are likely to be far better than random spares sourced on eBay, Amazon, or the Chinese Alibaba.

Buy a replacement Dyson Airwrap lead, flex, wire, power cord

So where to buy a replacement cable for a Dyson Airwrap in the UK?

You can buy them individually from Manchester Vacs here: Replacement Power Cord for Dyson Airwrap

If you are in the appliance repair trade, you can also buy them in tens at a discount from them here: 10x Replacement Power Cords for the Dyson Airwrap

They also sell them on Amazon and eBay, but you will pay more there, as with anything. Why? By selling directly through their own website, retailers can bypass the circa 20% selling fees associated with online marketplaces, allowing them to offer lower prices to customers. In other words, the 18-20% that the online marketplaces would charge is passed on to you in the form of a discount.

More and more Dyson Airwraps are becoming available used now, or being replaced when out of warranty, so they are coming into the radar for the refurbished appliance trade and repairers. So it’s nice to know you can get replacement Dyson Airwrap cables already.

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How to Fit and Where to Buy a Dyson DC25 Yoke Loom

If there is no power coming to the cleaner head on your Dyson DC25, the yoke loom is the likely culprit.

You will test the two terminals coming from the machine towards the cleaner head, if there is no power there, the culprit can sometimes be the reset switch, but more often than not, it’s a broken yoke loom.

The break isn’t always visible as you see below. Sometimes the break is internal, so you would test the wire for continuity while flexing it with your test meter.

You’ll need a Torx T15 screwdriver to do this job.

Here is where they break.

Dyson DC25 no power to cleaner head

Having established that the loom is at fault, many people would seek to just repair it by patching a piece of wire in or repairing the break.

You can try to repair them, but they tend to fail again shortly afterward because the repaired ones won’t flex correctly and the flexing in use will break the repair. Better to replace this little loom and do the job properly.

Dyson used to supply this with the carrier (part number 916190-01).


However, they discontinued it some time ago. They don’t like you fixing things.

As is usual in such cases, the aftermarket comes to the rescue and makes the part available again. That has now happened, and Manchester Vacs have manufactured these looms. Here’s what they look like.

Dyson DC25 yoke loom

To keep the price down, and reduce plastic waste, they have been manufactured without the original plastic carrier. You can easily reuse that if you know how.

How to Fit and Where to Buy a Dyson DC25 Yoke Loom

The wire only clips into a channel, and while the terminals can be a little fiddly to insert into the plastic holder, it’s not terribly hard if someone shows you how.

So let’s show you how. Here is MV’s fitting instruction video:

There’s no need to pay upwards of £15 anymore either as you did with the original Dyson part 916190-01. This loom will cost you about £7-£8 including delivery in the UK, and here are your buying links:

  • On the MV site >>here<<. Select economy delivery as default is more expensive next day.
  • On eBay >>here<<
  • On Amazon >>here<<

If you’re in the Dyson repair trade, you can buy them from the MV trade page >>here<< in 10s.

If you spend more than £30 on items from that page, delivery is free.

There are all sorts for the repair trade there: power cords, adaptors, DC40 and DC41 cyclone clips, V10/11 triggers, chargers, Torx screwdrivers, multimeters, and even more random stuff like Russian barbecue skewers, speed camera signs, and old police truncheons.

It’s not hard to spend thirty quid to be able to select free delivery. And you get a VAT receipt.

If you like what you read on Dyson Medic, please consider spreading the word by linking to us on sites like Facebook, Fixya, Instagram stories, discussion forums and anywhere else people might find what we write about useful.

Dyson Vacuum Repairs in Manchester

Are you looking for Dyson repairs in Manchester? Manchester Vacs are the largest independent Dyson repairer in the North West. They’re your local Dyson service centre.

The residents of Manchester, Stockport, Tameside and nearby Oldham, Glossop and Salford are all within easy reach of Manchester Vacs.

It doesn’t matter if you have an old Dyson DC04 or a more modern Dyson V10, V11 or V15, Manchester Vacs can fix your Dyson.

Dyson repairs Manchester


Dyson Repair & Service in Manchester

As the North’s largest Dyson specialist, Manchester Vacs are also stockists of genuine and aftermarket Dyson spare parts.

Whatever is wrong with your Dyson vacuum cleaner, they can fix it. They repair all Dyson vacuums – cordless Dyson vacuums as well as mains-powered models.

For Dyson repairs in Manchester, they are your one-stop shop. Their experienced engineers can diagnose and fix your Dyson quickly. A convenient location means they’re within easy reach of anywhere in Stockport or Tameside too.

No need to book in or call ahead. Opening times, map, directions, address, telephone number, email and everything else you need to know is on their >find us page<.


Dyson repairs Manchester

Typical Issues You Can Encounter With a Dyson

Your Dyson vacuum may be suffering from any of the following symptoms:

  • Pulsing, surging or cutting out when you’re using it
  • Battery life or charging problems (take your charger along too)
  • Brush not rotating when in use
  • Not picking up like it once was
  • Difficult to push on the carpet (especially deep pile carpet)
  • No power at all when you switch it on
  • Smoke, smell, or ominous rumbling from the motor
  • The red trigger on your V10 or V11 seems floppy and doesn’t start the machine properly
  • Loud ratcheting noise when in use
  • Dyson hairdryers: intermittent cutting out when you move it around

All of the problems described above on a Dyson can be repaired, probably for less money than you imagine.

Perhaps you have recognised that it is time to give your Dyson a service. If your machine is just not as effective as it once was, or you have some concerns, it may be time to give it a service.

No need to book in or call ahead. Opening times, map, directions, address, telephone number, email and everything else you need to know is on their >find us page<.

Dyson repairs Manchester

With extensive knowledge of the whole Dyson range and large stocks of new and used parts, Manchester Vacs can have your Dyson up and running again in no time. Thirty years of experience in the vacuum cleaner repair business makes them the obvious choice for Dyson repairs in Manchester.

What About that Other Hoover Repair Shop?

There are other shops around that offer Dyson repairs in Manchester. Some are also hardware shops and other types of little appliance shops.

Manchester Vacs differ from the average local small shop. You’ve heard the phrase “Jack of all trades – master of none” probably.  They are not a place that repairs anything and everything. They won’t fix your microwave.  They won’t fix your pressure washer. They even prefer not to fix Hoover, Miele or Vax given a choice. They won’t sell you an air fryer, a steam iron or cut you a new back door key either. They’re Dyson vacuum specialists.

The only other thing Manchester Vacs will repair is Sebo vacuums as they’re the main dealer for Sebo in Manchester. So if you happen to be looking for Sebo repairs in Manchester, they do that too.

They don’t need to get into lengthy investigations at your expense to find a fault or wait a week for a spare part like small shops often do. Their engineers have seen it all. They’ve fixed literally thousands of Dysons.

Manchester Dyson Repairs

How Much Does a Dyson Repair Cost?

A quote is always free. There’s a minimum charge of £20 for small jobs. As an example, a typical power cord replacement costs £35 all in. Typical labour charges for other repairs are in the region of £35-49 depending on the repair. Any extra parts required would be on top. As Dyson parts specialists, their parts prices are always competitive. They supply the trade with spare parts too.

Remember Gordon Burns from the Krypton Factor on TV? Where do you think he goes to get his Dyson fixed? You guessed it.

You can find out more about having your Dyson repaired at Manchester Vacs by clicking the little guy below.

Dyson Manchester


How To Service & Change the Filter on Your Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

This relates to plastic-bodied Dyson hand dryers with model number ABXX, for example, AB03, AB14, etc.

Metal bodied AB01 hand dryers take the same filter but you must remove the full front cover to replace it.

First the good news, the only service work you need to do on this type of hand dryer is to change the filter periodically and keep the four sensor lenses (where you put your hands in) clean.

It is good practice to change the filter once a year. A blocked filter restricts the airflow to the hand dryer and causes the motor to overheat and the PCB in the motor bucket to fail.

You can buy the filters >>here<< singly and >>here<< in 10s.

Your hand dryer looks like this:

The filter is located at the bottom of the machine under the door with a vent in.

There are two screws at the back of that vented door. One on each side.

How To Service & Change the Filter on Your Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

They are anti-tamper Torx T30 heads. You can buy the spanner to undo them >>here<< in case of need.

Undo the two screws and remove the door.

How To Change the Filter on Your Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

Look up under the machine and you will see the dirty filter.

How To Change the Filter on Your Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

There’s a plastic latch on one side you move outwards a bit to allow the filter to be removed.

How To Service Your Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

The filter can be stuck in and might require a pull to remove.

How To Service Your Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer

Time to refit the new filter. It goes in foam side towards you, with the long protrusion side first, and the small protrusion snaps into the little lever.

Where to buy a Dyson hand dryer filter

There it is in place. Refit the door – it locates at the front first – with the two screws, don’t overtighten them, and that’s all there is to it.

Where to buy a Replacement DC04, DC14 or DC24 Dyson Power Cord in the UK

If you are looking to replace the power cord on a Dyson DC04, DC14 or the DC24 then read this before you buy something cheap and nasty from Amazon or eBay (if you want a cable for a later Dyson, read >this article< instead).

Buying a replacement Dyson flex (or cable, lead, wire or cord if you prefer) is often a bit of a minefield.

Early Dyson models used to use a pale grey 0.75 mm flex. Often these used to fail where they entered the machine because they weren’t heavy-duty enough.

Later Dyson models used a thicker dark grey 1 mm flex which is considerably more durable.

The terminals on the end of the flexes varied across many Dyson models, and many of the later Dysons had varying different lengths of flexes fitted to them.

This has always created a little bit of a headache for those in the aftermarket and Dyson repairers. Because, for example, if you use a cable designed to fit a DC14 it often won’t wrap correctly on a machine such as the DC07.

Original Dyson cables are rather expensive, so naturally many people seek a good aftermarket replacement.

However, the problem with this is that most of the aftermarket tend to source Chinese products as cheap as they possibly can to meet the lowest retail price point they can.

But not everyone wants Lidl and Aldi do they? Some people prefer Waitrose or Marks and Spencer, right?

Most aftermarket flexes are 0.75 mm finished in a cheap-looking pale grey and shorter than you’d prefer. When fitted to a late model Dyson, these tend to look as cheap and nasty as they are. Many have the wrong spades on the end, badly crimped ones or no spades at all.

Cheap Dyson Power Cord

It’s often hard to tell the difference between colour shades, good quality and a bad quality cable when looking at online listings, and by the time it prematurely fails, the window for return will have long passed anyway.

Dyson has always fitted nice little cable tidy clips to their original cables and most of the aftermarket don’t bother to supply these on their cables. Why? Because it adds a few pence to the production cost.

You can swap the cable clip over from your old one, but they are often fiddly and sometimes break.


Imagine if you could buy a good quality 1.00 mm replacement aftermarket Dyson cable? Imagine if it was in the correct dark grey, with the correct terminals on the end and a nice little cable tidy clip already fitted? It may even come in a cardboard box so that isn’t yet more plastic to kill the marine life in our oceans.

And now somebody has – here it is:

Dyson DC04 flex


Totally plug and play and pretty much indiscernible from the original. Apart from being longer than most at 10.9m.

With the correct spades for DC04, DC14 and DC24 model Dysons.

Dyson DC14 flex


With a nice rubbery cable tidy clip already there.

Replacement Dyson DC24 cable


This is a 1 mm, two core, longer than OEM specification, dark grey compatible flex that fits these Dyson models.

      • Dyson DC04
      • Dyson DC14
      • Dyson DC24

Cross reference with these part numbers: 916588-01, 908578-06, 914259-29, 914259-23, 914259-02, 911859-02, 5031685212902, ES1440604, ES966394, ES1117626

You can buy it directly from Manchester Vacs here: DC04 DC14 DC24 Model Dyson Power Cord (Flex)

If you prefer eBay, you can get it here: Genuine Specification Dyson DC04 Extra Long 10m Replacement Flex Cable Cord Lead

If you prefer Amazon, you can get it here: Manchester Vacs Replacement for Dyson Flex Cord Lead for DC04 DC14 DC24 – Cable Wire

If you are not in the UK (but are somewhere they use UK plugs like Hong Kong, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore or Gibraltar) you will find it preferable to use the eBay listing linked above as that will give you full tracked delivery to most other countries.

If you are in the trade and want to buy cheaper in 10s, you can do so >>here<<.

Looking for a Dyson Battery Screwdriver? Get the Correct One.

We are often asked on these pages for a Dyson battery screwdriver.

Or more correctly, which is the correct screwdriver to use to remove a Dyson battery.

Confusion arises because most screws on your Dyson are Torx screws like this.

Dyson Torx screw

For those screws, you use the Torx screwdrivers discussed in >this article< here.

But as Dyson like to confuse you, the one screw on a Dyson cordless that isn’t a Torx looks like this.

Dyson battery screw

And that’s what they use on the battery.

All Dyson cordless models use the same battery screw. So it doesn’t matter if you have a DC35, DC44, DC59, V6, V7, V8, V10, V11 or a V15, it’s the same screw to swap over the battery.

That’s called a Pozidriv screw, which isn’t to be confused with a similar-looking Phillips screw on the left below.

Dyson battery screwdriver

To prevent slippage and damaging of screws, you should only use a Phillips head screwdriver on a Phillips head screw, and you should only use a Pozidriv screwdriver on a Pozidriv screw.

Pozidriv screwdrivers come in a variety of sizes as well, so let’s just cut to the chase here and get you fixed up with a Dyson battery screwdriver.

The screwdriver you want to remove Dyson batteries is this one.

Dyson V6 battery screwdriver

With this specific tip.

Dyson battery screwdriver

And here’s where to get one from:

You can get one on eBay >here<

You can get one from Manchester Vacs >here<

They’re not expensive and you will encounter other things around the home that use that specific screw, so it’s a handy addition to any home toolbox. And a must-have for the Dyson trade. So that’s where you get a Dyson battery screwdriver from.

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