Where to get a Dyson DC33 back hose

Looking for a Dyson DC33 back hose?

Everyone likes to save a few pounds in these lean times, and very often when buying parts for your Dyson, that means buying good quality after-market parts.

As the Dyson DC33 is a relatively new model at the time of writing, not many places have the spares for them just yet. If you want a DC33 back hose, I have done the homework for you already – read on.

In case you wondered, the Dyson DC33 does not share a back hose with any other Dyson models; so no easy solution there.

Here is a photo of a new DC33 hose I saw today. It seemed superb quality; an after-market item claimed by the manufacturer to exceed the quality of the original Dyson ones.  To me, it looked like an OEM part, but I haven’t managed to confirm that yet.

Dyson DC33 hose

So, where to get one from? Price comparison time!

Dyson UK sell them for £25.21 including UK delivery.

Espares charge an eye-watering £27.48 for one including delivery.

You can buy the one pictured above for just £23.50 including UK delivery from Manchester Vacs. If you want to order one, you can click here: Buy Dyson DC33 Back Hose.

Getting one from Manchester Vacs saves you almost £4 over Espares and almost £2 over Dyson. We like to save you money here at Dyson Medic. Dyson DC33 hose

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