Where to buy Dyson clutch belts

Looking for clutch belt information? The Dyson DC04, DC07 and DC14 brush control models are fitted with a clutch. That clutch means the machine has two belts instead of one. One belt goes from the motor spindle to the clutch, the other goes from the clutch to the brush roll.

If one or both of your clutch belts have snapped, despite what Dyson may tell you, they can be replaced. Dyson will not supply replacement clutch belts, but some after-market companies do make them.

The reason Dyson do not supply them is because it is not an amateur job to fit them. They don’t want their help lines jammed by Confused of Oldham who doesn’t know how to fit what they bought. However, many people are technically inclined enough to strip down a clutch to replace one or both belts.

Actually, the thinner one isn’t so difficult to replace, but the shorter one that runs on the white wheel is a pain to replace. To be honest, I seldom bother – I prefer just to swap the clutch.

This is a clutch with the belts in place:

Dyson clutch with belts

However, some of you practically-inclined folks out there would spit your tea over the keyboard if you were forced to cough up around twenty quid (or around forty dollars if in the USA) for a new clutch when you feel more than capable of changing a belt yourself. So, for you guys, yes, you can buy them on their own, they look like this:

Dyson DC04 DC07 DC14 Clutch Belts

So where to get them from?

Most of the after-market ones will be pretty similar in quality, so it comes down to price and speedy delivery. So where to get them from?

We will ignore eBay as a credible source of items, as we don’t want the cheapest of the cheapest stuff from China, that may or may not arrive, and will likely be wrong if it does. I just looked on eBay and the descriptions seem rather ambiguous with most sellers. Some are listing clutch belts for the DC01 – well, they don’t have a clutch, so who needs that hassle? Some are listing genuine pairs – well Dyson do not supply genuine pairs so something is up there.

Dyson Medic Price Watcher

We will compare the prices of three of the larger suppliers here.

Amazon: Kenco Spares are selling them with shipping on UK Amazon for £4.79 – not bad.

eSpares: eSpares are selling them with shipping for £4.98 – not bad either.

Manchester Vacs: Manchester Vacs are selling them for £4.75 including delivery. – best buy. Best Buy

To order them from Manchester Vacs, simply  >>click here<<


5 Responses to “Where to buy Dyson clutch belts”

  1. We sell the clutch belt set in the shop for £4.99. However, in our experience, by the time the clutch belts have broken, the clutch itself is almost always damaged.

  2. However, in our experience, by the time the clutch belts have broken, the clutch itself is almost always damaged.

    Yes, I agree that is often the case. The damage within a Dyson clutch can cause the belts to snap as you say, but I am finding myself changing more of the slimmer of the two of late when the clutch has no other noticeable fault.

    In general though, when a belt snaps, I tend to fit a fresh clutch to avoid doubt. But many guys want to strip them down, so we all have to supply the belts for this reason I guess…..

  3. I have the tools, have the replacement belts (from Manchester Vac) I just can’t see how to access the clutch on my DC04 – please tell me how to get at it so I can replace the belts. I can remove the brush bar OK, but then what? Many thanks, Lesley

  4. Just for you Lesley:

    How to replace the clutch on a DC04

  5. White clutch wheels are now available. See this post: Dyson White Nylon Clutch Wheels Available at Last.

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