Where to buy a Dyson DC27 back telescopic hose.

Do you want to buy a Dyson DC27 back hose? Look no further.

Please make sure that your machine is a DC27. Hoses differ and the DC14 and the DC33 look pretty similar.

By ‘back hose’ I mean the long telescopic vertical hose at the back of the machine; not to be confused with any other hoses on your DC27.

Here is what the Dyson DC27 back hose looks like:

Dyson DC27 telescopic back hose


So now you want to know about availability and price.

Nobody as yet makes an after-market back hose for the Dyson DC27, and they do not share a back hose with any other Dyson model. Your only option is to buy a  genuine Dyson one, so make sure you are sitting down.

Here is the skinny on who has them and what they cost.

espares has them at an eye-watering £36.74 including delivery.

Spares 2 Go sells them from Amazon for £28.99 (plus any delivery charge)

LM Electrical have them on eBay for £29.89 including delivery.

Best buy: 

Manchester Vacs have them for £28.50 including delivery.  Best Buy

To order one, see the news item on their website here: DC27 Back Hoses Now Available


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