Dyson White Nylon Clutch Wheels Available at Last.

Dyson, in the last week or two have just began drastically increasing their spare part prices. Some spares have doubled in price, some more than doubled. Is this Dyson trying to squeeze the after-market for more money or something more mundane like the poor dollar to pound exchange rate putting prices in sterling up? We […]

How to replace the clutch on a Dyson DC04.

For the lady who left a comment here today requesting how to access the clutch on her DC04, I was going to put up a tutorial. However, I found a video that showed how to do it very well indeed. So I didn’t need to make one. The video was produced by Alec Nelson over at Vacuum Spot in […]

Stripping Down a Dyson Clutch: DC04, DC07, DC14 and DC33.

When a Dyson clutch is faulty, I prefer to change the unit. Its more time efficient. I also prefer to buy a new clutch over a used one. However, if a clutch looks otherwise OK, and the white nylon wheel isn’t all chewed up, and only the belt has snapped, I sometimes change the belts. Some of […]

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