Dyson DC25 & DC41 Brushroll Motors DC771(2)XLLG Now Cheaper!

Back in 2013, DC25 DC41 cleanerhead motors became available, we reported on it back then here: DC25 (DC41) Cleanerhead Brushbar Motors Now Available. The problem is, they were very expensive. They always cost in the region of £40-£50, which was pretty eye-watering. But still cheaper than a new cleanerhead. However, today we found out that […]

All about the DC25 brush bar motor

Looking for information on the DC25 brush bar motor? You found it. Many people seeking to repair their Dyson DC25 end up looking for a replacement DC25 brush bar motor. The bad news is that they are not actually available yet. There are certain parts that Dyson refuse to make available to the public, which is understandable […]

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