Suggest After-Market Spares That Are Not Yet Made? Dyson or Any Brand.

Here is your chance to have a direct influence on the after-market spare parts industry and help other people with your ideas at the same time. We at Dyson Medic are privileged that we have a direct line, so to speak, to the top of several of the better known manufacturers, suppliers and importers of […]

When is a Dyson a Hoover? When is it just £125?

OK, a misleading title perhaps. And here on Dyson Medic, it isn’t often we write about something that isn’t a Dyson. But a vacuum cleaner that is rather like a Dyson for just £125 new….. Sounds cheap doesn’t it? What if I told you it was really a Hoover? But really it isn’t, because “Hoover” isn’t printed on the box. Are you confused […]

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