Where to get a Dyson DC15 Wand Cable Retainer

Its been a good week for DC15 parts becoming available. Yesterday we reported on the DC15 wand collar now being available, and today we can report the long-awaited wand swivel clip is now available. This part doesn’t have an ‘official’ name as Dyson never made it available as a part on its own. I have […]

Replacing Dyson DC07 Cyclone Bin Flap Catch Clip

How to install the Dyson DC07 Cyclone Bin Flap Catch: You need to replace the bin flap catch (clip) on your DC07 when the flap no longer closes and stays closed. If you open the flap and look for the little black spring-loaded titling clip, it has a hook on the bottom of it that breaks occasionally. This is […]

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