Dyson DC07 DIY Servicing – Repair Your Dyson DC07 Yourself!

Is it possible to repair your Dyson DC07 yourself? Yes it is. Why pay excessive service fees at vacuum cleaner repair shops or Dyson’s eye-watering £73 service charge? Are you a practical person? Can you change the oil in your car? Can you use a screwdriver? Can you wire a plug? Do you know the difference between a live and […]

Dyson DC07 Motor Replacement Guide

Dyson DC07 Motor Swap/Change

Remember to make sure your Dyson DC07 is unplugged from the mains before starting this job.

Replacing the motor is probably the most technical, and certainly the hardest repair to the Dyson DC07, and should only be undertaken by competent people who feel confident enough with electrical appliances to do it. This is not an amateur job and if you are not confident performing a motor swap to your Dyson DC07, please take it to a vacuum cleaner repair shop.

Before you start, here is what you will need:

*A new motor. You can get a top quality one for £35 including fast UK delivery here: >>Dyson DC07 Motor<< *Various flat blade screwdrivers (you probably have a selection of those anyway). *A Dyson Star T15 Torx screwdriver (buy a good quality one >>HERE<<). *Pliers (or maybe grips). *A big cup of tea, the wife out of the house, and an hour or two to kill. Likely Symptoms of a Failed Dyson DC07 Motor: *A noticeable smell of burning or a very strong acrid smell when the Dyson is running. *The motor may sound noisy, laboured or be varying in speed when running. *The motor may make a strange popping or bubbling type of noise. *Smoke or sparks from motor housing area. *There can be a high pitched noise from the motor, which may suggest that the motor bearings are worn out. DC07 Model Variations. This video below was made using a base model DC07 without the brush control knob (clutch). There are some differences to the sole plate and brush-roll areas on machines fitted with a clutch (All Floors models). However, the core elements of the machine are almost the same. The replacement of the Dyson DC07 motors are somewhat similar between all variants, and shouldn't create too much of a challenge to those with a technical inclination. Click the title link to the main article to watch the video.

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