Dyson DC04 Wont Stand Upright

“My Dyson DC04 wont stand up” is the thing many people ask about on Dyson support forums. If your Dyson DC04 has this symptom, it likely isn’t picking up too well either. It may well be dropping some of the debris on the floor as well.

It was OK yesterday wasn’t it? What happened? You were using it, then it wouldn’t stand up.

Its actually quite a simple thing to fix that anyone can do at home. You don’t need any tools, you don’t need any expertise.

Our friends at Nelson Vacuums in Australia have made a short video on the subject that tells you everything you need to know. You will laugh at how much of a simple fix this is. Click the triangle “play” emblem on the video below (Note the video below is of a DC07, but this aspect is identical to your DC04 and the fix is identical).

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