Dyson DC02 Review

Nowadays, the Dyson DC02 is somewhat of an elderly old thing though. The DC05 was better, and the DC08 and later cylinders are better still. The DC02 was the first cylinder machine that Dyson made. As with many things, they evolved. Times moved on.

You will seldom find a decent second-hand Dyson DC02 now that hasn’t been used and abused to within an inch of its life. Many parts are not available for them any more, although filters and general things still are.

If you are looking for an entry level Dyson, our advice is: As good as they were at the time, they are now a relic that belong in the same stable as the Hoover Junior. A nice example will have retro appeal to some, but compared to Dysons later products, the examples you will find now are woefully inadequate for 2011 usage.

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