New EU 900w Vacuum Cleaner Rules in September 2017

This article first appeared at Manchester Vacs. The new vacuum cleaner energy label, set to come into effect on 1 September 2017, will reduce the maximum wattage from 1600 to 900 watts for any new vacuum cleaner manufactured or sold in the EU. Despite the UK having voted for Brexit, we are bound by these […]

When is a Dyson a Hoover? When is it just £125?

OK, a misleading title perhaps. And here on Dyson Medic, it isn’t often we write about something that isn’t a Dyson. But a vacuum cleaner that is rather like a Dyson for just £125 new….. Sounds cheap doesn’t it? What if I told you it was really a Hoover? But really it isn’t, because “Hoover” isn’t printed on the box. Are you confused […]

All the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Models

How many Dysons are there? Dyson makes so many different models of vacuum cleaner, and are always introducing new ones onto the market, that people find the model numbers very confusing. Was the DC01 the first? No it wasn’t actually. The first widely-available vacuum cleaner James Dyson made was called the ‘G-Force’ . It was the first vacuum cleaner to use […]

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