Replacing Dyson DC07 Cyclone Bin Flap Catch Clip

How to install the Dyson DC07 Cyclone Bin Flap Catch: You need to replace the bin flap catch (clip) on your DC07 when the flap no longer closes and stays closed.

If you open the flap and look for the little black spring-loaded titling clip, it has a hook on the bottom of it that breaks occasionally. This is the little spring clip that keeps the bin flap closed that sits at the very bottom of the cyclone and is pushed by the rod. Most people will only sell you a complete cyclone unit when you only actually need this little part. Most people tell you this part is not available on its own; that’s not true — we’ll tell you where to get one from for pennies later.

The part you are replacing looks like this:

Dyson DC07 Cyclone Spring Clip

Replacing or swapping the bin flap catch on a DC07 cyclone needs to be done in a particular way in order that you do not damage the slim plastic bit on the bottom of the cyclone that holds it in place.

First, grab yourself a pair of circlip pliers. (These are the “odd” looking flat pliers that have strange little tips on them called circlip pliers. These pliers have long springs loaded into the handle, and when you squeeze them, they open up, or spread apart instead of close.)

Dyson DC07 Bin Flap Clip

Do not insert the tips by the pivot point on the clip — that will break the cyclone. Instead, insert the plier tips in exactly the point shown on the picture here:

Dyson DC07 Bin Flap Catch

You are going to expand the plastic just in front of the pivot point, and expand the plastic, by default, at the pivot point as you do so. Squeeze ever so slightly on the pliers, whilst pulling gently on the clip you want to remove and it comes out like this:

Dyson DC07 Bin Flap Spring Clip

Some people like to dowse the area with a little boiling water before they do this in order that the plastic is more pliable.

Fitting your new one is simply a reverse procedure of removal. Be cognizant of where the little spring sits before you remove it so you refit it in the correct place.

If you want to change this little clip on your DC07 cyclone unit, Dyson “official” dealers or new parts suppliers do not sell them. They prefer to sell you a complete cyclone unit. You can get them recycled however, you can get one from Manchester Vacs here: Dyson DC07 Bin Flap Catch. Non UK shipping is no problem, you can order from overseas from that page as well.

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  1. Thanks for this! I have been looking all over the net to learn how to change this clip on my Dyson DC07. What a good site.

  2. brilliant! However, how on earth do I open the lid to access the clip spring? 🙂

  3. You take off the cyclone top (and push rod) with three T15 torx screws, and use a long thin item through the bottom central hole to try and release it. If your bin flap is locked closed though, sounds like you may need a push rod instead? Usually, when the clip needs replacing, the flap won’t lock closed.

  4. Hi, I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner model no DC19Y. The Bin Flap Catch Clip which is used to open and close the bin to empty rubbish collected has come out, but not broken. I’m not able to find any spring which might have come loose. I’m not covered by warranty for this part and they are asking me to buy the entire bin unit. Can I fix the Bin Flap catch clip and if so, how? Awaiting your earliest reply. Cheers, Priya Ravi.

  5. On my DC07 the bin lid is stuck shut, but the push rod appears intact and undamaged when I remove the cyclone top (remove three torx screws as described). I’ve tried a long probe, but it still won’t release the lid. Any other ideas how to fix?

  6. Only a long probe through the centre hole will open it. Push it harder.

  7. When I click on the link it takes me to the website not to the latch then I search everywhere for it but can`t find it!!!!

  8. Disregard my last post ..I did not scroll down far enough.

  9. Thanks for taking the time in putting the instructions on-line. Good thing I found these before I really broke something! One thing, the cir-clip pliers that you describe are called snap-ring pliers here on this side of the pond and am I glad I had a pair! (I was putting them by the pivot until reading your post) Back like new again! Cheers!

  10. Thank you for the info! I took mine apart & had a little issue putting it back together. Info here helped me out & it works like a champ!!

  11. I have just acquired an old dyson from the tip, i only wanted it to replace the clip!
    your instructions helped greatly.
    thank you

  12. This page has just saved me money! Bought the clip & fitted in minutes, using needle nosed pliers and a bit of extra care. DC07 bin lid now stays closed – thank you!

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