How to Install a Replacement Dyson DC07 Bin Flap.

Dyson DC07 Bin Flap: This article will show you how to install a replacement dust bin canister bin flap on a Dyson DC07.

The bin flap on your Dyson DC07 can break. Dyson do not sell bin flaps on their own, but you can get a second hand recycled one quite easily in the UK for around five pounds. (You folks in the US will most likely have to buy one from the UK, but with shipping times at around seven days and total price circa $16 with US shipping, it isn’t a hardship). Wherever you are located, it will be far cheaper than buying a complete replacement cyclone from Dyson would be.

So now you have organised your replacement Dyson DC07 bin flap and saved a few pounds or dollars, you need to know how to fit it don’t you?

Here’s what you do:

If you need to replace your flap, yours will be already off. So your dust bin canister will look like this.

Dyson DC07 Bin Flap

To fit the new one, put the canister under your arm and squeeze it so it goes ever so slightly oval. This will open the locators just enough to clip the new flap in as there are two little cut-outs to enable this if you look closely at the canister.

This photo details the technique:

Replace Dyson DC07 Bin Flap

Here we are showing you a clear bin flap. You can get replacement recycled DC07 bin flaps in all colours.

If you want to purchase a recycled flap for your Dyson DC07, you can get one from here: Dyson DC07 Bin Flap

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