How To Use The Dyson Belt Lifter Tool

So, you have gotten yourself the hard-to-get Dyson belt lifter tool. This is the special tool that allows you to stretch the belt on a clutched Dyson, lock it in position, and keep it in one place while you remove the brush bar (brush roll).

So you are looking at the strange little pronged device and want to know how to use it properly? You are in the right place. All of these tools are American designed, and as such, do not fit the machines without a clutch we have in the UK. However, offer it up to a non-clutched machine and you will see that by cutting a small rectangular slot out of one of the legs will make it suit either.

That said, you really only need one of these tools for machines with a clutch anyway as they have shorter belts.

So here is the tool:

Dyson Belt Lifter Tool

Start by taking off your sole plate by turning the three plastic screws a quarter of a turn using a two pence coin (or a quarter if you are American) like so:

Dyson Special Tool

Here is a shot with the sole plate removed

Dyson belt Tool

Clean machine huh? A good reason to want to take out the brush bar is to clean your wife’s wig off it in order that the machine might work properly.

Next, place the metal frame over the brush roll housing with the arms facing towards the centre of the machine like so:

Dyson Brush Roll Removal Tool

Take the T-shaped hook, and place it under the belt, then pull the belt up and locate it on one of the pins like so:

Dyson Brush Bar Removal Tool

Then do the same with the other peg; stretching the belt now onto both pegs like so:

Dyson Belt Removal Tool

Having done that, the brush roll can be removed quite easily like this:

How To Remove a Dyson Brush Roll

The belt will stay in position on the tool while the brush roll is absent like this:

How To Remove a Dyson Belt

If a video helps, you can click the triangle below to watch it:

Its one of those little tools that once you use one, you wonder how you ever did without it.

So all you need to know now is where to get one from.


Here is where to go:

Go to the Manchester Vacs DC04 parts page here: Dyson Belt Tool

You will find it there available to buy for £9.99 with free UK delivery.

11 Responses to “How To Use The Dyson Belt Lifter Tool”

  1. I just ordered this handy little tool!!!!

  2. I wouldn’t be without mine, Beth!

  3. I accomplished the same thing with 3 screw drivers. Two large screw drivers to keep the belt up and a smaller one in between the handles to create leverage to spread the belt apart.

    Just slide one of the large screw drivers under the belt and push it toward the front of the vacuum head, then repeat with the second large screw driver. Now place the handle of the smaller screw driver in between the two handles of the larger screw driver. Next, squeeze the handles of the larger ones together to open the belt up and push down on the edge of the vacuum head with the handles and it will lift the belt up, allowing for the brush bar to be removed.

    Ingenuity just saved me $30.

  4. That’s what everyone did before the tool was invented.

    For me, if you can buy a screwdriver, why struggle with a butter knife. Know what I mean?

  5. Your above guide to using tool to remove brush assembly is fine, but how do I then remove and change the 2 belts ?

  6. Most people tend to replace the clutch unit rather than the belts individually.

  7. I need to change the belt on the DC04 absolute. Are there any instruction or video guides available?

  8. How much is the clutch?

  9. What do you call the video above if not a guide?

  10. You can get a clutch here

  11. One major important factor, missing. When re-asembling, don’t. Forget to put belt, back onto MOTOR

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