How to Replace the Brush Bar Motor on a Dyson DC24

How to Replace the Brush Bar Motor on a Dyson DC24:

Maybe you have read our other article: Dyson DC24 Brush Bar Motor which describes what to check if your brush bar (brush roll) on your Dyson DC24 isn’t turning? To recap, before we suspect the worst, look to the front of the machine on the cleaner brush head. On the left side is a small button. This is a “reset” button. Power the machine on and off whilst pressing it a few times. Do the same with the small brush switch next to the main power switch.

Remember that the brush should only turn when the machine is reclined. It will not spin when the machine is standing upright. The brush bar motors are prone to failure. This is a design fault in our opinion.

There are two electrical components in the cleaner head that can go wrong. The brushbar motor and the printed circuit board (the PCB). Experience has taught us that although the PCB’s in the DC24 do burn out occasionally, 99.9% of the time the brush bar motor is to blame.

To be sure, you can strip the head unit down, remove the motor, observe the alternate DC voltage it takes, and bench test it. So now you need to know how to strip it down. Start by removing the cleaner head which is done by removing the c-shaped clip as shown here:

DC24 Cleaner Head

You actually do it from the front, using the little cut out, but I am doing it from the back here to better show you the clip in question. When you have removed the clip, the head unit comes off like so:

DC24 Brush Roll Unit

Look on the underside, there is a rubber strip. Pull it out and put it to one side (as there are screws underneath it). Your next job is to undo the nine screws with a T10 torx screwdriver. Here are their locations:

DC24 Brush Bar

Having done that, release the end cap. I use a two pence coin………

DC24 Brush End Cap

Having removed the end cap, you can now take out the brush roll:

DC24 Brushbar

Now you can split the unit like so:


Now you need to unclip the circuit board. There is a little clip that releases it as shown:

DC24 Printed Circuit Board

This allows you to split the unit a little further:

DC24 Wiring Diagram

Now you can unplug the motor from the circuit board. There is now one screw holding the motor in place. It is a T8 torx screw as indicated by the arrow in the picture below:

Dyson DC24 Brush Bar Motor

Having undone that, the motor comes out. Replacing your motor is simply a reverse sequence of what you have just done.

If you want a quick video recap of all that, you can watch the video below by clicking on the “play” triangle:


If you need a brush bar motor, or either the Torx screwdrivers T10 or T8, you can get them all from here: Dyson DC24 Spare Parts

19 Responses to “How to Replace the Brush Bar Motor on a Dyson DC24”

  1. Hi Folks, a very useful article, which has helped be diagnose that the brushes have worn out on my daughters vac. one point about the aricle though is the statement “observe the low voltage it takes, and bench test it.” The motor in my DC24 clearly states 240 volt DC, so the circuitry in that area is to be treated with all due care and attention. I hope that this is useful to you.
    Ron Morrion

  2. Well-spotted Ron. Thanks! I meant to say “alternate” voltage; meaning DC. I will correct it now.

  3. Can I buy the brushes separarately from the motor?

  4. Hi
    Just contacted Dyson and they informed me of 5 year parts n labour so will send me a new Motor.

  5. Eddy, they wont send you a new motor, they will send you a new cleaner-head if they determined your machine was still under warranty.

  6. As anyone got Dyson contact information uk,thanks

  7. As anyone got Dyson contact information uk,thanks

    Byron, you can look here if you are seeking warranty support:

  8. Just relaced the motor but had to replace the plastic drive on the end of the new motor with the old one as the new one was longer making it impossible to get the brush bar in place, also i think it would be helpful to stress the importance of using T8 and T10 Torx screwdrivers as the drill bit type are too large to fit in the holes of the head

  9. Thanks to Ron. Our head flashed, spattered and stank today. Before replacing parts wanted to know if the defect had knocked anything on the main body out. Will test tomorrow with a multimeter looking for 240DC from main body.

    BTW found the rubber strip covering 2 screws a bugger to get out and keep straight whilst doing so.

  10. A very good guide, thanks. Just replaced mine after about two hours use from new…
    Found the fault, motor windings open-circuit.
    Then I reassembled it with new motor: nothing. Took it in bits again. Still nothing…
    I had forgotten to press the red foot-control lever.
    Doh! Thirty-three years as a maintenance engineer! Cheers.

  11. Brush bar would not fit to new drive. Remove drive cog from old unit and fit to new. New drive aprox 1 third inch taller than fitted motor.

  12. Hi all i have bought a multimeter tester to test the circuit but i have never used one before and the instructions are in another language, how would i test to see if it is the motor or pcb? I dont know where im suppsed to put the red and black prong? Thanks in advance


  13. Very professionally done may I say

  14. Hi! I cannot for the life of me remove the brushhead from my dyson’s head assembly. Any suggestions? Also, how do you get that pesky rubber strip out? Can it be done with out ruining it? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. THANKS

  15. Hi,
    Great guide and really useful. Reading it meant that I could effect the repair without resorting to costly delays.
    Well done, and thank you.

  16. Hi-just stripped & service/cleaned out our DC24, after brush bar making worrying noises again. Its the 4th Brush Bar fitted Nov 2014) since April 2012 purchase, your comment all relate to same problem we have, ie:-3 exploding motors.! The 1st,2nd & 4th BrushHeads where fitted by me after they posted replacements. At the 3rd failure a DYSON ENGINEER came, and said (re the regular failures) “its because your carpets to thick”, “there not designed for these kind of (Real Axminster) carpets” ! – PS- My service revealed the head clogged up with carpet fibers within motor compartment- a clean out+ lubricating the brush drive bearing has cured all the noise (to dated) ? Keeping fingers crossed! We still have our ‘old DC07 & DC14 to fall back on as they still work like new ??? Quality reduction eh to sell more eh ?

  17. If you have thick Axminster, Sebo vacuums are recommended by Axminster. A DC24 isnt really up to thick carpet.

  18. Hi I have stripped down my D24 brush unit. Is it possible remove and replace the brushes or do i have to buy a new motor? thanks bob

  19. You buy a motor, they are very cheap.

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