How To Remove/Replace The Back Red Pedal on a Dyson DC24

You want to replace the red pedal on your Dyson DC24? Occasionally, they do break and you can buy them new for about £5 or £6. You can get one here: Dyson DC24 Spares

They don’t come with instructions, but you are in the right place to learn how to fit it. On some machines, the pedal isn’t red, it is ink blue. The part number for that is 913782-02. The part number for the red one is 913782-01.

The pedal is secured by two screws each side located where it pivots in the machine, so we need to access those screws. To do this, there is a small cover one one side held in with a couple of screws. Take that off. On the other side, there is another cover with a circular shaped section on it. Take that off too.

Now remove this screw:

Dyson DC24 Pedal Replacement


Now on the other side, look for this screw:

Dyson DC24 Red Pedal Swap

Remove that switch unit out of the way, and look for the second locating screw highlighted in the picture below:

Dyson DC24 Release Pedal Removal

The pedal can now be removed. When it is out of the machine, it looks like this:

Dyson DC24 Red Pedal 913782-01

That’s all there is to it. Reassembly is simply a reverse procedure to removal.

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  1. hi have got a dc24 ball hover brushbar not turning when press switch can you help


  2. Read this post, Gary:

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