How to change the belt on a Dyson DC17

Looking for how to change the belt on a Dyson DC17? You came to the right place.

The Dyson DC17 is a US market model. It doesn’t feature ball technology. It features an auto-adjusting cleaner head and the usual technology including the 16 ft quick draw wand and hose. It has a large debris channel to pick up larger dirt particles as with other US market Dysons. It is not dissimilar to the DC14, DC27 and DC33 in many ways, but for some reason, Dyson never released this model in the home of Dyson: England.

The drive belt on the DC17 is a toothed belt designed to prevent it slipping. Most Dysons feature a smooth drive belt.

If your machine is still under warranty, and you are confident to undertake the job yourself, you can call Dyson and tell them you are capable of doing this small job, and they will mail a belt out to you free of charge. You need not waste half a day waiting for a Dyson engineer or driving across town to a repair shop.

We located a short instructional video on how to change the belt on the DC17, you can click the little triangle below to play it.

The little release screws you only use a coin (a quarter will be fine) to turn them a quarter of a turn each. As you dismantle, take note of the position of the brush roll ends in the main head unit.

It only takes a couple of minutes and you are good to go.

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