Dyson Submits Patents For Water Tap That Can Dry Your Hands

Dyson have filed a patent application for a tap which can dry your hands. So a Dyson tap-come-hand dryer is on the way.

As reported first by the New Scientist, the idea is to have a single tap on your sink which contains an air blower as well as a water spout.

Presumably, they intend to incorporate some Airblade technology in this and site the motor under the unit.

Unlike traditional systems – where the blower is separate from the sink – or current integrated washer/blowers which are basically boxes with a fan inside – the new tap puts both devices into one appliance.

Although Dyson is mostly based in the UK, it made the patent application in the United States for reasons best known to itself.

The device works by recognising when your palms are open, after washing them with water. When it recognises open palms it blasts air onto them at the sink, without the user having to move. That sounds to me like the same sensor technology from the Airblade hand dryers.

Dyson faucet tap

No, it’s likely not going to change the world, and these are unlikely to be cheap units when in production, but its nice that Dyson are still innovating and inventing when everyone else is just importing rubbish from China.

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  1. Looks like you were right, Angus.

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