Dyson Repair Special Tool Kit Now Available

If you repair Dyson vacuum cleaners, you need to know where to get the special tools you will need to do so.

If you are going to repair many different types of Dyson vacuum cleaners, you can’t do it without the special tools. Dyson won’t sell you the tools, they wont even tell you which ones you need. Undecided

Until now, nobody put all the special Dyson tools you need together in one package. Manchester Vacs has now done just that.

They offer a Dyson Trade Tool Kit that comprises of the special belt lifter tool (you may know it as a Dyson brush bar removal tool or a Dyson belt removal tool), the  Draper T15 torx screwdriver, a Draper T10 torx screwdriver, a T8 torx screwdriver (for DC24 brush bar motors and other jobs) and a DC04 switch removal tool (that has a myriad of uses apart from DC04 switches).

Dyson tool kit

Apart from the standard tool box that everyone has, these tools will allow you to perform virtually any job on any Dyson, from the DC01 right up to the latest models of DC27 and DC33. If you buy these individually from them, they will cost you £35.95. As they are mailing them altogether, they can offer them to you at the special deal price of £29.99, saving you £5.96. If you are a Dyson enthusiast, a Dyson repairer, or work on many different Dyson models, these are likely the only tools you need to do almost anything on any Dyson.

Sure, you can trawl around car boot sales, markets, on-line auction sites and other places trying to source these tools individually to save a couple of quid. However, the Dyson Belt & Brush Bar Removal Tool for the DC04, DC07 and DC14 is seldom available in the UK. Check out how it works by watching the video below.

The DC04 special switch tool is not something you can get from your local hardware shop either. That is a trade-only tool sold through selected stockists only.

How easy is it to get everything you need to repair almost any Dyson vacuum cleaner in the UK, all from one place; arriving in one fast package? Far easier than spending three hours pecking at your keyboard to save three quid we think.

So if you make your living repairing Dysons (or want to), or are a practical guy who mends a lot of Dysons, quit struggling without the proper tools to do the job! Observe the car mechanics who spend many thousands of pounds on Snap On tools. Why do they do that? Because every mechanic knows that having the proper tools to do the job speeds you up and increases your productivity. This means you make more money.

Don’t be an amateur – get the proper tools to do the job!

Here is where to go: Go to the Manchester Vacs parts portal page here: Dyson Parts

Choose *any* model of Dyson from that page. Scroll right down to the bottom of the page, and you will see the Dyson tool set available to buy for £23.99 with free UK delivery.

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  1. How do you remove the DC 04 belt.
    Can I obtain a service instruction Manual?

  2. If the machine has a clutch, watch the video above.

    If it doesn’t have a clutch, see our site here: http://dysonmedic.com/DC04%20Folder/DC04%20belt%20change.html

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