Dyson DC50 Blocked and Hissing – Not Picking Up

A few customers have brought their Dyson DC50 to us not picking up.

Typically, when a Dyson doesn’t pick up and has no suction, it is blocked. Dysons make a loud hissing sound when there is a blockage in the system somewhere. The DC50 is the same in this regard.

Dyson publish a simple guide that covers checking your filter, checking the wand isn’t blocked, etc. You can find that on Dyson’s website here if you need it (opens in a new window).

However, what we are going to show you in this article is the place a DC50 typically blocks up that Dyson don’t tell you.

You may very well conclude that what you are about to read constitutes a design fault; we couldn’t possibly comment.

I am going to assume that you have read Dyson’s guide linked above and having tried what is detailed in there, your machine is still blocked and hissing.

The most likely culprit is a blockage in the cyclone. Here is what to do:

Remove the cyclone from the machine using this button.

Dyson DC50 Repair

Having done that, empty the bin by pressing the same button again over the bin.

Then leave the bin flap open for the next step! 

Next, locate the little silver clip circled below.

Dyson DC50 Blockage

Depress that clip to remove the outer perspex drum.

You now have this.

DC50 Not Sucking

Now look on the side vent, and you will no doubt find it is blocked solid.

Here is one we did today that was blocked, observe the debris clogging the vent circled below.

Dyson DC50 Hissing

Fish all that debris out of that hole, then look at the bottom of the cyclone and you will see the central cylinder is divided into two, make sure both those are clear as well.

Now you can reassemble your machine – which is simply a reverse procedure of what you did above.

When you switch it back on, the hissing will have gone and the machine will pick up once more.

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124 Responses to “Dyson DC50 Blocked and Hissing – Not Picking Up”

  1. Another fix! Thanks . Again, NOT on Dyson site!

  2. Excellent, thanks

  3. Richard Kersten on November 21st, 2015 at 3:05 pm

    Thank you for this site and the above fix. It partially fixed my problem, still had the large hiss. I noticed the motor was getting hot in just a minute or so. I pull the rotor head cover off and saw the major problem was a clog of cat hair, dirt, and small rocks that had completely blocked the opening. Pulled it all out and back to normal working order. Thanks

  4. Thanks so much – I had done everything else and was getting ready to call them!

  5. Excellent details of how to really clean out the DC 50. My wife’s is now operating again. The Dyson website and instructions with the basic maintenance of the cleaner are useless. Why on earth do they not publish the details you have – is it to provide business for their agents/repairers! Many users must have been ‘taken to the cleaners’ and paid for the relatively easy maintenance you show on your website.

  6. Brilliant! Thanks, fixed instantly and I had tried everything else. Can’t believe Dyson don’t mention this on their support site. Really appreciate you posting this.

  7. OMG i have been in a grump all week as my dc50 was doing exactly that – hissing and not sucking….found your article 5 mins ago and yes the filter was chockers with guff so fixed in a jiffy. i agree dyson should mention this in their brochures to save unnecessary angst. you have made my day 🙂

  8. Advice spot on thanks very much

  9. Marvellous! I’ve pulled my Dyson apart so many times but couldn’t get it to pick up. Just tried this solution and we’re back in business. Shame Dyson don’t offer this as a solution on their ‘help’ page!
    Thank you

  10. Thanks. I saved a bill from vacuum repair!!

  11. Thank you very much thought it was broke as followed dyson help guide bloody useless fixed in seconds using this guide thanks for the great help

  12. Thank you so much, was about to admit defeat but then I found your site! Back to a working dyson, photo really helpful.

  13. mary delzoppo on May 4th, 2016 at 2:55 am

    thank you so much. had pulled apart every piece but didn’t think of the side vent. working like a charm again!

  14. Perfect.
    Without your instructions I would have missed this simple fix. This is the first place I will check for blockages.

  15. Flick Merauld on May 20th, 2016 at 10:34 am

    OMIGOD you were right! thank you so much. Blocked with house plant leaves which the machine wasn’t able to cope with. Dyson Small Ball Animal.

  16. Thank you. You showed me exactly the right place to look. Sorted.

  17. Amazing, at last found what was going on. I’m not impressed with dyson though and going to make a complaint. Our Hoover is 10 weeks old. Within a week it wasn’t picking up and the company we bought it from said we had to deal with dyson. They picked up the Hoover and said if it was blocked we would be charged. Well it was blocked but they didn’t charge us. It happened a second time. Again dyson fixed it but didn’t charge us. We are now on the third time. This time dyson said they will charge but never once explained where the blockage might be and suggested it was our fault. Yes we have dogs hence we bought a animal Hoover (like many dysons before) surely it should pick the dogs hairs up like it states? I definitely believe this has to be a fault and will make my complaint to dyson.

  18. I was looking to see if anyone had the same issues. I found this blockage last week. The problem keeps repeating so this is certainly a design issue in my opinion…be interesting to see if I get my money back as its not fit for purpose is it!

  19. Fantastic – This was the problem for me as well! Many many thanks – was at the point of buying another hoover when came across your site and the solution!

  20. Chavivi Eaton on July 2nd, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    This info just saved me from tearing my dyson apart and chucking it on the bonfire!

  21. I tried most things to clear the blockage then watched this video. Did as described and wow the dyson vac is now working again and sucking up all the dirt. Many many thanks.

  22. Tried everything to clear blockage then watched the video. Fantastic my dyson is now picking up dirt again. Many many thanks

  23. Thank you so much. I had tried everything to sort the blockage, but I didnt know how to get into the cyclone area. I was begining to give up until I found your page. Blockage all sorted!

  24. Brilliant cheers, Just spent 40 mins trying to unblock the dam thing, Now managed it in 10 after seeing this.

  25. This certainly feels like a design flaw. Mine constantly gets blocked here, along with at the back of the brush as there’s lots of grabby things for hair and other fine things to get stuck on.

    I wonder if that vent could be opened up slightly to keep the clogs from occurring so frequently?

  26. Just cleaned all filters and the problem was still there, in desperation found you on the internet and my problem solved in a matter of minutes. Fantastic! What puzzles me is why Dyson don’t tell you about this blockage? Thank you very much.

  27. A slightly different design of inner cylinder with our DC33, but followed the general idea and lots of plaster we had picked up a few weeks ago fell out. Cleaned it up properly, put it back together again and the machine is now working perfectly again. Thanks!

  28. Tried everything according to the Dyson site. No joy. I rang and arranged a visit from an engineer, but that would take two weeks. Trawled through the internet and found your wonderful site. Then found dog hair blocking the side vent. Naturally I told my son I had figured it out myself!

  29. I was about to drop off my unit to a Dyson repair center, but thank goodness I found your amazing site. Now my Dyson has suction again! Thank you!!!

  30. Thanks!

  31. Thank you so much! This advice was spot on and instructions easy to follow. I now have a working Hoover again.

  32. I have the same problem as richard kersten i think. i need to pull off the rotor cover head but unsure which part it is or how to do it. My motor really hot within a couple of minutes. very noisy and not picking up.. Took your advic eon clearing the cylinder but that was clear. Cant seem to find any info on dyson website. Help!!!

  33. Saved me a trip to repair shop. Thank you so much. Recently widowed and makes me feel empowered when I can fix a problem myself!

  34. Caron, ask here if you need more specific help: http://manchestervacs.co.uk/DysonForum/

  35. Thank you thank you thank you!😄 My dyson on now sucks again🎉🎉❤️

  36. maureen glasgow on January 21st, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    thought I had tried everything even washed out the filters but this fixed it in no time. I didn’t know u could get the cylinder off so now I can even wash it out. Many thanks.

  37. Thank you thank you thank you.. Have been working for 2 days to following Dyson’s instructions. Persistence pays off–and finding your site!! Found a toddler sock!! YAY!

  38. Incredibly helpful – don’t know why Dyson can’t include it in their guide re how to solve blockage.

  39. Thanks so much! I worried that I got a defective dyson. Got so confused with the Dyson’s instruction and didn’t even bother to follow it. Then I found your site and problem was solved. So easy and straightforward. Thanks thanks thanks!

  40. Fixed mines too! Hoovered up a pesky baby sock without noticing!

  41. Fixed the problem in 5 minutes!! So glad I tried this before dismantling the whole dyson. Thank you!

  42. Thank you so much for this, spent so long following the Dyson instructions looking for blockages. Followed your instructions and was all solved within minutes. You are a life saver! Why don’t

  43. Brilliant. Thanks for sorting this problem of no suction….

  44. Brilliant all sorted…

  45. Thank you, this helped! It is not on the Dyson site at all, I don’t think they want us to know this!

  46. Awesome. I had dismantled the whole vacuum cleaner before I read this. But I don’t care now it is fixed. Thank you!!!

  47. Thanks, a great help in getting my dyson unclogged!

  48. Thank you sooo much! Problem solved. Great pics and instructions.

  49. Thanks!! We’ve been trying to figure this out for a while and finally stumbled upon your site. Appreciate the help!

  50. Brilliant – i just bought a second hand one for £25.00 – they obviously gave up on it and i nearly did too – but thanks to you the blockage is cleared and i have myself a brilliant hoover and a bargain!

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