Dyson DC50 Blocked and Hissing – Not Picking Up

A few customers have brought their Dyson DC50 to us not picking up.

Typically, when a Dyson doesn’t pick up and has no suction, it is blocked. Dysons make a loud hissing sound when there is a blockage in the system somewhere. The DC50 is the same in this regard.

Dyson publish a simple guide that covers checking your filter, checking the wand isn’t blocked, etc. You can find that on Dyson’s website here if you need it (opens in a new window).

However, what we are going to show you in this article is the place a DC50 typically blocks up that Dyson don’t tell you.

You may very well conclude that what you are about to read constitutes a design fault; we couldn’t possibly comment.

I am going to assume that you have read Dyson’s guide linked above and having tried what is detailed in there, your machine is still blocked and hissing.

The most likely culprit is a blockage in the cyclone. Here is what to do:

Remove the cyclone from the machine using this button.

Dyson DC50 Repair

Having done that, empty the bin by pressing the same button again over the bin.

Then leave the bin flap open for the next step! 

Next, locate the little silver clip circled below.

Dyson DC50 Blockage

Depress that clip to remove the outer perspex drum.

You now have this.

DC50 Not Sucking

Now look on the side vent, and you will no doubt find it is blocked solid.

Here is one we did today that was blocked, observe the debris clogging the vent circled below.

Dyson DC50 Hissing

Fish all that debris out of that hole, then look at the bottom of the cyclone and you will see the central cylinder is divided into two, make sure both those are clear as well.

Now you can reassemble your machine – which is simply a reverse procedure of what you did above.

When you switch it back on, the hissing will have gone and the machine will pick up once more.

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137 Responses to “Dyson DC50 Blocked and Hissing – Not Picking Up”

  1. Thank you so much for this. I don’t think people realise the cylinder fills very quickly and has a small capacity so we all jam it up. Why Dyson don’t mention this problem with the solution is beyond me!

  2. Excellent, thanks so much, I’d never know that the outer fill would come apart further. The Pics show exactly my problem and fixed in under a minute.

    I wont say how long I spent prior to googling the problem.

  3. Brilliant! Thank you this advice sorted my problem out – there was a piece of paper blocking where you suggested – vacuum now back to normal!!

  4. Fantastic tip thank you! Would never have known about this!

  5. paula brigitta hoffman on November 7th, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    Thank you! My Dyson was also blocked, I did the trouble shooting suggested by the Dyson website but still had a blockage. After reading on your site, I too was able to find and clear the blockage. Thank you for the post and the pictures are very helpful as well.

  6. So simple. I often take the cyclone out and give it a shake but never thought to look in the vent. Thanks!

  7. I have spent hours trying to fix this with one last attempt before I paid for someone to look at it. Fixed in 5 minutes thanks to this advice and now working as it should be. Thanks so much!

  8. Glad I googled this problem and found your post. Just done ours and now working perfectly again:-)

  9. Thankyou so much. I was just about to give up with the DC50. I thought I had unblocked everything and yet the suction still wasn’t there. Unblocking the Cyclone worked a treat. Still think the design is bad as this gets blocked very easily.

  10. Thank you SO much ! I’ve tried Everything including the Dyson website.. I just wish I’d went to you first so I could have got to my vacuuming today instead of having to wait for my filters to dry for twenty-four hours… I knew it was that area but didn’t know how to get to it!…

  11. Thankyou so much, this did the trick!

  12. Thanks, was just about to dismantle the hoover having missed the obvious, so glad I checked here first

  13. Thank you it worked

  14. Very helpful. I was struggling and this was exactly the problem. Thanks!

  15. Marvellous tip thanks a lot

  16. Great tip. tried virtually everything else possible without any real success.

  17. Both my Dyson V6 and V8 work without the pole when fully charged, but when the pole is put on it stutters then stops completely

  18. Nothing to do with a DC50, Jane. Ask here.

  19. Thank you so much. That was the problem. Dyson should include this on their instruction booklet under troubleshooting!

  20. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU … I am so over Dyson. My old vac lasted 14 years and was wonderful. The current DC50 is a right royal pain in the neck with this blockage the latest in a long list of complaints. My Dyson ‘wand’ is not worth the money, and again the small hand held Dyson I have is outstripped by friends’ of other brands. If I had not invested so much money I would not be persevering.

  21. Hi have just followed the above and it is working better but not fully !
    I replaced all filters and roller brush and took all red pieces apart as per dyson – When switching on it seems to make a blocklage sound though
    Any more ideas?

  22. Thank you! This should be included on the dyson troubleshooting! It was so easy! Worked a treat! And all after spending hours making sure every other part/filter was clear. If I hadn’t found your page, I would have probably paid someone too much for this easy fix.

  23. I can’t seem to get the crud out of the cyclone? Any suggestions? I don’t have access to an air compressor, and i can see one of the chambers as mostly blocked.


  24. If you can’t clear it your local vacuum cleaner repair shop can.

  25. Thank you for this!! I pulled out a massive hairball and now my vacuum is working like new!!

  26. As someone else has already commented, it’s only because it cost so much that I have persevered with this Dyson DC50. Thank you for the tip – now working better again. Can’t believe it’s not included in Dyson troubleshooting (or maybe I can….)

  27. dc50.removed cyclone,outer Perspex drum cleaned side vents etc. the hose extension does not seem to suck up. can you help!
    thanks ………… ronald

  28. Ask here: http://dysonforums.com

  29. Oh thank-you for existing!
    I had opened every section of my DC50 which has a red tab, washed, shook, poked through with a wire, brushed, scraped… all to no avail, almost no suction despite the brushes whirling. This sorted it immediately!
    You are so right, it is a definite design flaw. I reckon all the red-tabbed bits have a really flimsy ‘Heath Robinson’ work-around feel to them, that this section isnt even red-tabbed to access confounds me. When the only way of clearing the blockage is getting in there with a cutlery fork, then this surely is not good design?

  30. yes,I bought a Dyson on Gumtree,it had poor suction,I read your Medic trouble shooting,and found the small cone shaped filter,it was full of dirt and dust,amazing I cleaned i out ,WOW my Dyson burst into life !thankyou .

  31. Thanks. Massive blockage just as described. Worked a treat!

  32. Thank you so much , my Dyson working perfectly again,your steps were simple to understand . Had no idea what had gone wrong your Ace.

  33. Your solution is great!!! Never buy Dyson product again.

  34. Hi I recently bought a DC 50 multi floor loss of suction your explanation was spot on.
    I replaced my Sebo Hoover for the Dyson after it finally gave out after 15 years faithfull
    service, I have to say the Dyson was a BIG disappointment cheap plastic doesn’t pick up anywhere near as good as the German machine will put it up for auction and go back to another Sebo

  35. The Sebo is a better machine, indeed. Get one at https://seboshop.co.uk

  36. My roller on dyson animal not turning when engaged. Does the belt need replacing?

  37. Not enough information.

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