Dyson DC27 Motor Replacement

Are you looking to buy a Dyson DC27 motor online? As the DC27 is quite a late model Dyson, not too many people are listing the DC27 motor as available just yet.

It seems though that the Dyson DC27’s are designed in such a way that makes the motors work quite hard. If they are abused, for example by not changing or cleaning the filters, this stresses the motor and before long you will find yourself performing a motor swap.

The Dyson DC27 is fitted with a YDK motor (which some people refer to as a YV type as they usually have a YV number printed on the side of them). It looks like this:

Dyson DC27 Motor

So here at Dyson Medic, we are going to let you into a little trade secret. The Dyson DC27 shares a motor with another model of Dyson. This means that they are available after-market already and you are not tied to a “Dyson service” at seventy-something pounds to get your DC27 fixed.

If you are capable of a motor swap yourself, you can get the motor for thirty five quid including delivery!

If you want to order one, you can do so here: Dyson DC27 Motor

Now you just learned a trade secret about Dyson DC27 motors, so don’t go telling anyone or writing it on the internet or anything will you? Lips Sealed

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