Dyson DC24 Brush Bar Motor

So the brush bar (brush roll) on your Dyson DC24 isn’t turning? You are not alone. Before we suspect the worst, look to the front of the machine on the cleaner brush head. On the left side is a small button. This is a “reset” button. Power the machine on and off whilst pressing it a few times. Do the same with the small brush switch next to the main power switch.

Remember that the brush should only turn when the machine is reclined. It will not spin when the machine is standing upright.

The brush bar motors are prone to failure. This is a design fault in our opinion. The brush roll motors are not much good to be honest. They don’t tend to last very long. Dyson are replacing thousands of them under warranty. However, if your machine is out of warranty, or you don’t have the original receipt or were not the original purchaser, Dyson will charge you over £70 to turn out and correct their own design fault. Cute huh?

DC24 Problems

You can only buy a complete cleaner head from Dyson at the cost of £74.59. They do this for two reasons, firstly because to replace the motor is not an amateur job that those unfamiliar with electrical appliances should probably attempt. Second is that the brush bars themselves do tend to wear out quite quickly too. It saves them messing about if they sell you a complete clip on unit that solves all the likely problems your DC24 will have.

There are two electrical components in the cleaner head that can go wrong. The brushbar motor and the printed circuit board (the PCB). Experience has taught us that although the PCB’s in the DC24 do burn out occasionally, 99.9% of the time the brush bar motor is to blame.

To be sure, you can strip the head unit down, remove the motor, observe the low voltage it takes, and bench test it. Yup, likely it is dead as a doornail.

You now want to find somewhere that will sell you a DC24 brushbar motor on its own. The problem with this is that Dyson are extremely slow at supplying these units to the trade. Even the large trade-only distributors have a typical three month back order on these motors. However, from time to time some of the Dyson specialists are able to get some. Some buy every unit available at a cost of many thousands of pounds to be able to service their clients in the coming months until Dyson finish yawning and supply some more.

Dyson are prone to keep certain fast moving parts high in price and to keep demand high by throttling the after-market supply to a trickle. They prefer you buy a new machine than repair one that is out of warranty (unless you are paying them to fix it). So, if you insist on repairing it, they will do what they can to monetise this by making sure you are over-charged for the part. Expect to pay over £40 + shipping for one of these little motors. Here’s what they look like:

DC24 Brush bar motor

Thinking of buying one from eBay? Be aware that eBay and their connected obligatory payment company Paypal, between them charge hapless sellers up to an eye-watering 17% in fees and costs to sell on their platform. Savvy buyers still buy direct from the same eBay seller, but save themselves a few pounds in the process by buying direct and saving the seller the greedy eBay/Paypal fees. This means you save money by buying direct!

So now you want to know where to get one from don’t you? The place that usually has them in stock is Manchester Vacs (who allowed us to use their pictures on this article).

You can get straight to the page they are listed on here: Dyson DC24 Brush Bar Motor

You will also need a T10 and a T8 Torx drive screwdriver to strip the unit down. You can get one of those from the same page.

You can learn how to strip the unit down here: Replacing a Dyson DC24 Brush Bar Motor

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  1. Thank you SO SO much!!!!!! My DC24 brushbar gave up on me months ago and the wood floor setting just wasn’t cleaning the carpets. Found your site while looking online for a new brush bar motor, followed your advice and HEY – it’s WORKING!!! God Bless Dyson Medic and all who sail in her!

  2. Mr brushbar wasn’t working on my DC24 pressed the reset as advised & hey presto! Thank you so much!!

  3. pressed the reset and problem solved. Great site many thanks

  4. Great web site. I pressed the reset button and the bar started, thanks for the advice!

  5. The DC24 brush roller doesn’t turn unless (1) it’s undamaged (see other solutions), (2) you’ve tilted the handle away from the vertical position, because the brush doesn’t spin if the vacuum cleaner is standing completely upright and (3) you’ve correctly pressed the smaller grey brush switch next to the main power switch.

    My problem was the third of these. You can *think* you’ve pressed the grey brush switch, but it doesn’t always latch down. If the brush bar doesn’t work, turn the power off; check the brush switch is in the down position; and turn the power on again.

  6. DUH…was leaving it upright and thinking motorbar was broken. Saved me a trip to the store. Great website. Many thanks!

  7. Hello,

    How do I find the reset button? what does it look like?


  8. Its a small red button on the side of the cleaner head.

  9. another one fixed by pressing the button, thanks a million!

  10. Thank you very much. That little red switch just saved us a fortune.
    Thanks again

  11. Thank you did reset button and power button as said and great it works again THANKS

  12. Thank you. It was the reset button. I wish I would fould this site a week ago before I bought a new vacuum.

  13. Thank you for a brilliant tip. We were on the verge of buying a new machine when I found it. The Dyson we have now works so I will just have to spend the money on shoes!

  14. so I will just have to spend the money on shoes!

    I think you went to the same school of logic as my wife, Lyn. 🙂

  15. Thank you, another Dyson saved from the scrapheap thanks to the red button.

  16. my dyson was saved by the black bag treatment …. little pesky red button wasnt pressed in … thank you!!!!

  17. Excellent information and well explained thankyou.

  18. Had burning smell coming from DC24. Using this page, I was able to determine the problem was the Cleaner Head Assembly. Couldn’t find original receipt, but had bought the Dyson from Tesco in Feb 2011.
    Called Dyson, explained problem, they asked for date of purchase, place of purchase and serial number of DC24. Within a few minutes of calling them, they said a new cleaner head would be with me in 5-7 days. Simple as that. Thanks for the info on this page.

  19. hi i have a dc24 i have reset the brushbar it works next time i use it the same it cuts out is there a answer i have cleaned it all thanks

  20. Thank you! We didn’t even know the reset button existed! Problem sorted in less than 10mins.

  21. Hi im having some issues with the brush motor running slow rather being stopped completely. Ive tried the reset button but no luck.
    Any ideas?


  22. I suspect the motor is about to expire.

  23. Thanks! The red button needed resetting!

  24. Thank you for your very interesting forum.

    You with your knowledge and obvious experience in these matters have saved me money.
    I merely pushed the reset button and everything is back to normality.

    Thanks again.

    Bob Exeter.

  25. I’ve gone through the whole red button thing until eventually one of the resistors went pop on the PCB. I’ve changed the resistor, reconnected everything back up again, but was greeted by the same flash and pop from the PCB and now the motor won’t run at all. I checked over the PCB components and everything seems OK.
    Gave and got a new motor, but now when I check the output voltage from the PCB I’m getting over 300v dc. I don’t want to connect up a new motor only for it to fritzed by the PCB. Does anyone know if the 300v dc off-load output voltage from the PCB is reasonable?

  26. 300v DC is correct for initial PCB output Paul.

  27. Tried your reset trick and hey presto it worked. TVM.

  28. Where is the red reset button on the DC50? I can’t find it anywhere.

  29. I’ve cleaned the power bar as instructed, pressed the red button repeatedly but the power bar still doesn’t kick in. Could my reset button be broken? It doesn’t stay pushed in.

  30. They don’t stay pushed in – they are only a reset.

    You will probably need a motor.

  31. my dyson dc24 bar switch at the side of the power button jams i used to be able to free it with a sharp whack with the crevice tool but this no longer works. i did the reset button and still no luck any ideas??? i think its the switch thats faulty but not sure?????

  32. Your switches want stripping down to see why they stick. Hitting the machine is seldom a long term solution. 😉

  33. DC24 . brush will turn .. but intermittently will shut off at different reclining positions.
    Any clue as to what is wrong , how it can be fixed ?

  34. Sounds like a broken wire near the ball. The machine wants stripping and testing.

  35. When bench testing the motor I assume it takes 240v and hasn’t been stepped down by the pcb? Is it polarity sensitive or will it just spin in reverse?

  36. A motor needs to be bench tested through a PCB, putting 240vAC will damage it. They are a DC motor and fire up at a higher voltage than stated. The way to test them is to test the output of the PCB which should be 330vDC and if so, the motor will be faulty, which can be confirmed using a meter.

  37. My dc24 brush will only spin if handle is reclined but held just before clicking back upright.
    Is there a Mercury switch or something?

  38. There is a micro switch, yes, but that sounds more like a break in the wiring.

  39. Should the red reset button stay in when pressed?


  40. No it shouldn’t, mark.

  41. Hi,
    My white DC24 brush bar started going intermittent and after some electrical burning smell, has given out. PCB or motor do you think? Thanks!

  42. Could be either or both – hard to be certain without checking. The motor is the usual culprit though.

  43. My dc24 spins when in reclined position but stops when touches carpet for normal cleaning and makes noise
    I have replaced roller end cap. The original was badly worn out. Before replacement roller was spinning but intermittently. The new end cap was a bit tight to fit on roller bering end
    Do you think I need new roller as the cogs may not engage with the motor end sounding the weird noise please someone help

  44. Take out the brushroll and look at the bearing end, it has probably melted. Also look at the cog end to see if it has rounded.

  45. My DC24, the bushbar is intermittent. The bushbar red button is fine and does not require resetting. The Power and main bushbar button the handle also seem to work as the bushbar does work, but it depends on the angle of the handle. If the handle is reclined the bushbar does not work, however if I hold the handle in more an upright position then the bushbar rotates. Thoughts ?

  46. A broken wire in the loom that supplies the cleaner head probably. Need to test continuity at the machine output with the head off.

  47. Hello,
    My brush bar suddenly started popping with big sparks coming out of the bottom.
    Would this problem likely be the motor?

  48. Ok so I’ve bought a new motor from Manchester Vacs & followed your tutorial to replace the motor but the brush bar still don’t turn. I’ve tried the reset button, turning it on/off & pressing the button next to the power button but to no avail. Any help will be appreciated, thank you.

  49. You need to check the DC output from the PCB, it should be 300-320 DC ish. If zero, your old motor took our your PCB or vice versa. If you have 220-240AC going into the PCB and zero coming out, you need a PCB as well.

  50. Hi the brush bar on my friends 4 year old Dyson had stopped turning, I started to strip it down before I knew of this web site and reading these articles. However after reading them I tried the reset button and no joy. I then found the grey brush bar switch and hey presto, it works fine. Luckily I had only removed the brush bar and some screws, before I had read this. So she got her filters washed out for the first time in four years also. Thanks guys.

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