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The Dyson DC14 is a non-ball, upright model that Dyson have recently discontinued. You can still find the occasional new Dyson DC14 around, but they are generally the lower specification “origin” models without brush control designed only for homes with carpets (models with brush control are suitable for all floors).

If you want to buy a Dyson DC14 now, especially an Animal or a model with HEPA filters, you need to buy reconditioned. But should you consider a Dyson DC14 as opposed to an alternative Dyson upright or a Dyson Ball? Let’s find out.

One of Dyson’s best ever sellers was the DC04. It was so good that when they face-lifted and redesigned it to create the DC07, they left many things unchanged. next, they face-lifted the DC07 and it became the DC14.

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Guess what? Those mechanicals didn’t change too much then either. What this tells us is the DC14 was a machine that after two face-lifts, remained essentially the same. This suggests the     basic design and mechanicals are tried and tested over several models.

This is further supported by the fact that later non-ball Dysons retained the same basic mechanicals as the DC14. The US market DC17, the DC27 and the new DC33 appear to be basically the same machine as the DC14. Albeit, face-lifted versions with a few design tweaks here and there.

It is a design honed over many years. A mechanical set up that has been tried and tested across several Dyson models over many years.

So, is there a downside?

The only downside I have ever found with Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaners is that if the filters are not maintained, this shortens the motor life considerably. I have replaced very many motors on Dyson DC14’s for customers – mostly caused by poor care and not cleaning and/or changing  both the filters when required.

For this reason, used DC14 vacuum cleaners from places like eBay, market stalls and car boot sales are best avoided. Most will have old motors in there and the lifespan of that motor is likely going to be quite short. If you are buying a reconditioned Dyson DC14 today, I strongly recommend that you buy one that has been fitted with a brand new motor and choose one that is supplied by a reputable after-market supplier. Preferably a Dyson specialist.

A reconditioned Dyson DC14 represents an excellent reconditioned buy if it is fitted with a new motor.

Likewise, if your current Dyson DC14 has expired, rather than replace it, it is a worthwhile investment to either buy a new motor and fit it, or have a Dyson specialist supply and fit a motor and service the machine at the same time. Those options are likely to only cost you around £35 or £70 respectively. Far cheaper than buying a new Dyson at around £300 isn’t it?

So, what is a Dyson DC14 like to use and empty? How do you use the tools? How does the telescopic back hose work? How do you wash the filters? The answers to all those questions can be found in the short video below:

As you can see, the Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaner is a very versatile machine. So, lets take a look at a few user reviews from people that actually bought one. These are from new machines that were for sale on Amazon.

Absolutely amazing! Thought everything I had heard about Dyson’s was just hype until I bought this one. As I have a variety of wooden, laminate, carpeted and tiled floorings this seemed the best one to get. What an investment! Works so quietly and easily, noticed a huge different in the floors immediately. The carpets look so much cleaner and the amount of hair and pet fur it picks up is amazing. Well worth every penny. Can’t believe my family and I now have rows over who gets to use it!! Can’t recommend it enough.

Kate Snow

Here is another:

Love it; Love it; Love it
Which is a bit surprising for a vacuum cleaner, but I must say I am absolutely delighted with it. Purchased to replace my old DC01, which to be fair, was still plodding on, but requiring constant maintenance and a supply of new filters.

As you would expect from a new Dyson, does an absolutely fabulous job on the carpets, though I think the “All Floors” functionality, like the “Animal” and “Allergy” are all a bit gimmicky. Two particular refinements I am taken with though are:

– the ease with which these cleaners can now be emptied
– no more replacement filters every 3 months

As far as cleaners go, Dyson’s are fairly expensive, but in my experience worth every penny.

Stephen Samways

Stephen above is incorrect that “all floors” is a gimmick. There are two distinct type of Dyson DC14: Ones with brush control (all floors) and ones without. Ones without are designed mainly for carpets. Ones with brush control are designed for all types of floors. There are mechanical differences between them. He is correct that the difference between “Allergy” and “Animal” is actually zero. “For carpets” (origin) or for “All floors” (brush control) is all you need to choose between when buying reconditioned in reality.

So, where to get one from?

If you are in the UK, you can get one from here: Reconditioned Dyson DC14

They represent an excellent value reconditioned buy and to the untrained eye, are indistinguishable from any new non-ball Dyson upright vacuum cleaner. Only you will know you saved about £200 buying reconditioned. 

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