Dyson DC07 DIY Servicing – Repair Your Dyson DC07 Yourself!

Is it possible to repair your Dyson DC07 yourself? Yes it is. Why pay excessive service fees at vacuum cleaner repair shops or Dyson’s eye-watering £73 service charge?

Are you a practical person? Can you change the oil in your car? Can you use a screwdriver? Can you wire a plug? Do you know the difference between a live and neutral wire? Do you have a home tool kit? Can you change the ink cartridge in your printer? Are you patient? Do you want to save money? Are you a logical thinker? Can you repair stuff around the home? If the answer to all those questions is “Yes”, then you can repair your Dyson DC07 yourself and save money!

Dyson vacuum cleaners are not as complicated to repair as you might think. However, we have to insert a legal disclaimer at this point:

Caution: All work to electrical appliances should only be carried out by competent, qualified people in accordance with their local laws. Faulty electrical appliances can cause serious personal injury and death. Always take the relevant precautions, and if in doubt, consult an experienced engineer.

Now we have got that out of the way, we can continue.

Until recently, Dyson service “secrets” were known only to Dyson themselves and people “in the trade”.

What was missing was a workshop manual as you can buy for most cars should you choose to do your own service and repair work. There was no book available that showed the practically inclined person how to perform the most popular repairs a Dyson DC07 is likely to need over its infinitely extendable lifetime. Whilst there are a few internet sites hosting incomplete (and often incorrect) information, nobody ever wrote the whole thing on paper. Now they have. It looks like this:

Dyson Service Manual
















We are obliged to tell you that the book recommended is unofficial. That means it is not authorised, approved, or endorsed by Dyson Limited.

In the UK, nobody was selling the essential Dyson belt removal tool. If your machine has a clutch, which looks like this:

Dyson DIY Repair

Then you need a belt removal tool. They look like this:

Dyson workshop tool

Now you can buy them in the UK from one company only. Until recently, they were not available in the UK unless you ordered from overseas and waited weeks.

To strip your Dyson, you need a special “star” screwdriver. Dyson wont tell you the size or specification of that – but we will. Its a T15 Torx drive screwdriver with an anti-tamper tip. It must be a minimum 100mm shaft. It looks like this:

Dyson Star Screwdriver











And that’s all you need!

If you are a Dyson DC07 owner in the UK, and you want to DIY service your Dyson, that is all you need. However, you can only buy all those things from one place in the UK. That page is here: Dyson DC07 DIY service tools

If your machine is grey/silver and yellow, it has no clutch. You don’t even need the belt removal tool. Just get the screwdriver and the Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual. They will cost you just £13.98 including UK delivery.

If your machine is any other colour than grey/silver and yellow, and/or doesn’t have a clutch, you will need all three items. They will cost you just £23.97 – that is still about £50 cheaper than a “Dyson service”.

After you have bought the correct tools – that the trade use – and a workshop manual (which the trade also uses), you will be a Dyson DC07 expert. Why not repair the Dyson vacuum cleaners belonging to family, friends and neighbours at discount rates? Having read the DC07 workshop manual, and having the right tools, only a mild application of logic will allow you to repair the earlier  Dyson DC01, DC03, DC04 and later but similar Dyson DC14.

You may want the link to the DC07 workshop manual and the tools in the UK, here it is again: Dyson DC07 DIY service tools


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  1. Tahseen Chughtai on December 19th, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    How to reassemble the roller and suction tube, after clearing the roller of cumulated hair?

  2. How to reassemble the roller and suction tube, after clearing the roller of cumulated hair?

    Yes, that’s in the manual too.

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