Dyson DC04, DC07 and DC14 Strip Down Carriage Assembly.

Dyson models DC04, DC07 and DC14 are fitted with a switchover mechanism that diverts suction either to the wand or the head unit. It is operated automatically by reclining the machine. Occasionally, the carriage assembly can break necessitating replacement of one or more parts. Here is how to strip the machine down to access that swinging carriage valve mechanism.

Here the photos depict this job being done to a Dyson DC07. The job is almost identical for a DC04 or a DC14 too, although some parts may differ.

The part you are most likely going to need to swap is what Dyson call the “carriage”. Swinging valve mechanism probably makes more sense though. It looks like this:

Dyson carriage 903378

Its not as straightforward as you might hope, but here goes:

Start by removing your sole plate:

Dyson sole plate

Then remove your brush roll:

Dyson brush roll

Next remove the brush roll housing:

Dyson brush roll housing

And next remove the two plastic circlips each side of the main body:

Dyson circlips

Now remove the clutch cover (if your machine has a clutch). The arrows indicate where the screws are:

Dyson Clutch Removal

And remove the clutch cover like so:

Dyson clutch swap

Now remove the body from the main unit by gently prising it off the locating lugs as shown:

Dyson strip down

Having removed the main body housing, you are looking at something like this:

Dyson body housing removal

Remove this spring clip using a screwdriver to carefully dislocate it:

Dyson valve assembly strip down

Now remove this rubber:

Dyson rubber seal

You are nearly there! Insert your screwdriver here to dislodge the mechanism:

Dyson switchover mechanism

And the unit can now be removed and split from the part with the two holes in that clips into it:

Dyson valve carriage

Having replaced your defective part, rebuilding is a reversal of the strip down.

Be advised, although they look the same, the carriage (the part on the right in the photo above) are not identical on all DC04’s, DC07’s and DC14’s. Also there are many possible colour variants. Many are no longer available new and/or are a special order part. Dyson will not sell you one directly. The best place to source one from is a Dyson specialist like Manchester Vacs who supplied these photos for this article. You can check out their UK parts listings here: >>Dyson Spares<< which will open in a new window.

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17 Responses to “Dyson DC04, DC07 and DC14 Strip Down Carriage Assembly.”

  1. I am replacing the main body housing on my dc 07. After removing it I cannot see how to remove the “bare floor – carpet” knob and the belt drive mechanism so these parts can be removed and installed in the new housing. Thank you for any advice!

  2. That is all laid out in Chapter Three of the Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual Steve.

  3. Hello

    I am writing to let you know that I followed your directions for stripping down my Dyson DC14. I took it down to the Clutch as I suspected one of the belts had broken reading the information you have on this website.

    Sure enough the thinner of the two clutch belts had snapped, and I have now ordered this from Manchester Vacs at a cost of £4 including delivery!

    Apart from the personal achievement of being able to complete this task, the money saved is great as well.

    Thank you for providing such easy to follow steps, and making self diagnosis and repair possible.

    This is a fantastic web site!

    Best Regards

    Deborah Cairns

  4. I followed this guide to replace the swing carriage on my Dyson 04 Absolute. It was spot on and i could not have done this without it. My Dyson now works like new. Many thanks for this wonderful site.

  5. Very useful dismantling tips. Screws holding the housing turned out to need a spline bit, but a narrow flat head screwdriver did the trick, as not overly tight.
    Turns out that the clutch to motor belt had somehow slipped off the drive shaft. God knows how! I simply had to slip it over the shaft and re-assemble.
    Still, I know where to go for parts now!

  6. The plastic parts of Dyson DC 14 are very thin and fragile in comparison with other vacuum cleaner products. My Dyson DC 14 always has a mechanical problem when lowered down the handle to perform cleaning. This time when I try to lower down the handle, the cleaner head Assy is broken. I have called a few local repair shops and they all asked $80 -$100 just for labor, plus $35 part. I believe this is a 15 minutes work and can replace the cleaner head Assy by myself. The above step-by-step picture instruction is good, but still don’t know how to remove and assemble the plastic pivot circlip. Wish to get a help.

  7. You may find what you are looking for here: http://manchestervacs.co.uk/DysonForum/

  8. Any video or picture to show ho remove the plastic circlip of Dyson Dc14?

  9. Which circlip, Xiazahu?

  10. There are two plastic pivot circlips to fix the cleaner head. If I just replace the cleaner head of Dyson DC 14, should I remove the clutch cover as well?

  11. Yes.

  12. I need to replace the cleaner head. How do I remove the two plastic circlips on each side of the main body?

  13. what type of screwdriver is needed…. I took everything apart only to discover that I don’t have what is needed (looks like some type of hex screw…. tiny size?)…. might be helpful to list with directions….. I’ll go buy whatever is needed….

  14. See this post Robin: Which screwdriver do I need to repair my Dyson vacuum?

  15. Very good instructions. I had tried to follow a YouTube video (E Spares) which only applied to the basic DC07 without clutch and because it failed to point out difference resulted in my getting completely stuck. The set of instructions on this page are very clear and made all the difference between me giving up in frustration and having now completed the job successfully. Result = a perfectly DC07 with a new motor for £ 16 worth of parts.

  16. Thanks! Used these visuals along with another YouTube video that really helped get my DC07 back up and running! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXStGySoAVo Thanks!!

  17. Hi followed the instructions, realised they are not suitable for replacing a carriage from a salvaged Dyson same model, dc14 ALL FLOOR with clutch. as someone else commented the dismantling procedure appears to be different for this model any advice. The link given appears to takes you to spam website. Many thanks

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