Dyson DC02 Review

When James Dyson introduced his new range of vacuum cleaners in the 1990’s it certainly polarised public opinion. Some thought they were the greatest thing since sliced bread, whilst others though they were over-priced and over-rated. They were certainly a great British invention, not the vacuum cleaner so much, but rather the dual cyclone technology he invented to dispense with the need for a dust bag. Dust bags are fitted to most vacuum cleaners to collect the dirt.

Once you’ve had a Dyson nothing else will ever do. Its not an exaggeration; its true! I had my Dyson DC02 for almost a decade and its still going *almost* as strong as the day I bought it. I get the feeling it has some more life in it yet, but the end is in sight. I chose the DC02 over the DC01 at the time, only because of the design. It hugs the stairs as you are cleaning them. The added benefit of the HEPA filtration system (if fitted) is a complete must though. It isn’t until you start using one of these machines that you realise that suction is great and being able to see just how much dirt you ‘suck’ up is very satisfying, and makes you realise how hard your Dyson is working. It’s so easy to see why Dysons have rapidly become THE biggest selling cleaner in the UK — every home has to have one.

Dyson DC02

Nowadays, the Dyson DC02 is somewhat of an elderly old thing though. The DC05 was better, and the DC08 and later cylinders are better still. The DC02 was the first cylinder machine that Dyson made. As with many things, they evolved. Times moved on.

You will seldom find a decent second-hand Dyson DC02 now that hasn’t been used and abused to within an inch of its life. Many parts are not available for them any more, although filters and general things still are.

If you are looking for an entry level Dyson, our advice is: As good as they were at the time, they are now a relic that belong in the same stable as the Hoover Junior. A nice example will have retro appeal to some, especially the rarer models like the blue semi-see-through one above, but compared to Dyson’s later products, the examples you will find now are woefully inadequate for 2011 usage. If you must buy one, get one from a Dyson specialist supplier if you want it to last.

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