Want to Repair a DC01 YDK YV-940 Motor? Get an Armature!

The Dyson DC01 YDK type motor (designated YV-940) has been unavailable for some time. The DC01 was Dyson’s first vacuum cleaner in the UK and they are now almost two decades old. We wrote about the fact that Dyson has abandoned all parts supply and support for its first born here: The Slow Demise of the DC01 and the DC02.

The fact that Dyson has abandoned the DC01 means all affiliated agents and parts suppliers must do the same. Further, it means that after-market and independent new parts suppliers will soon have supply problems (as we are seeing now). This is because often times, the factories that manufacture for Dyson, also manufacture for other suppliers using the same jigs and tools.

However, Dyson hasn’t had the last laugh just yet.

Until today, if you had an early model Dyson Dco1 fitted with the YDK YV940 motor, you were stuffed. If you needed a motor, the only solution was to hunt around for a good used one.

But what if you are a practical guy? You are maybe in a shed up in the Scottish Highlands (because that’s where anything and everything was invented – and where people still actually fix things) and you can strip a vacuum cleaner motor down with one hand in your sleep.

All you need is an armature and a set of carbon brushes, right?

Problem solved!

DC01 YDK Motor Armature

The Unofficial Dyson Forums have a topic today that tells us how they just got a batch of Dyson DC01 YDK Armatures in.  

Here is the topic: DC01 YDK YV-940 Motor Armatures Now Available! The DC01 Lives On…..

You can buy an armature for £18.99 including UK P&P, or you can also choose to get a set of carbon brushes with it (and save a quid) for just £23.98 including UK P&P. You can get that from here: Dyson DC01 Spare Parts.

If you are an overseas expat who took their Dyson DC01 with them to France, Australia or wherever, you can get the carbon brushes and motor armature from here: Dyson DC01 Spares International.

Despite Dyson’s best efforts, the DC01 isn’t dead just yet. People will continue to find innovative ways to keep the machines they love in working order. Blokes in warehouses will keep unearthing boxes of stuff, and Dyson dismantlers will continue to collect and strip down Dyson DC01’s for the spare parts for many years to come.

The same success story that was the Dyson DC01 for two decades – the same machine that made Mr Dyson a very rich man – will continue to be a success for a little while yet. Dyson UK stopping support and all parts supply will hinder a little; but it will take more than that (and a piddling discount off a new Ball) to kill off the DC01.

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  1. Hi
    I have a blown armature for my DC01 but the motor is marked YV-440 (50427240v) which i don’t see listed. the replacement looks like the ones you had listed for the YV-940.

    will you be getting any of them in again as the vacuum cleaner is a long serving stalwart in the household and Mrs would like to keep it working!

    Regards from the Scottish Highlands James

  2. Ask here James: https://manchestervacs.co.uk/contact

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