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Media: Talk to a Vacuum Cleaner Expert at Manchester Vacs

Media: Manchester Vacs – Your Vacuum Cleaner Expert For media professionals in search of a reliable source for vacuum-related expertise, Manchester Vacs is the largest independent vacuum cleaner dealer in the North of England. Why Choose Manchester Vacs? In the world of media, credibility is crucial. Recognized as Sebo vacuum dealers, likely the largest in […]

Where to Buy a Replacement Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Cable in the UK

Where to buy a replacement Dyson hair dryer power cord (cable, flex, wire, or lead if you prefer) in the UK. Dyson hair dryer power cords are often subject to bending, twisting, and pulling, especially near the point where they enter the appliance. Over time, these repeated movements can cause the wires inside the cord […]

Where to buy a Dyson Airwrap cable in the UK

Where to buy a Dyson Airwrap cable in the UK At the time of writing, Dyson doesn’t supply replacement Airwrap cables to the public or the trade. We expect their reasoning for that to be that they designed the Airwrap with a built-in cable that is not intended to be replaceable by the user. In […]

‘Right to repair’ law to come in this summer

Appliances such as fridges, washing machines and TVs should last longer and be cheaper to run under new rules. Ministers have confirmed that from the summer consumers will have a right to repair on goods they buy. They are keeping a promise to implement EU rules aimed at cutting energy and bills – and reducing […]

Where to buy a Replacement Late Model Dyson Power Cord in the UK

If you are looking to replace the power cord on a Dyson DC18, DC25, DC27, DC33, DC40, DC41, DC55, DC75, UP22 or the UP24 then read this before you buy something cheap and nasty from Amazon or eBay. If you want a cable for a DC04, DC14 or a DC24, read instead >this article< on […]

Dyson is moving its headquarters to Singapore

Dyson has announced that it is moving its headquarters to Singapore from Malmesbury in Wiltshire. The move by the appliance maker means two executives will relocate – chief financial officer Jorn Jensen and chief technical officer Martin Bowen. Other work at Malmesbury will not be affected and no jobs will be lost. Chief executive Jim […]

Bagged -v- Bagless Vacuum Cleaners? How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner.

This article first appeared at Manchester Vacs. I’ve been in the vacuum business since the mid 1980s, Our shop is the largest independent vacuum shop in the north of England. So I’m probably quite well qualified to opine on vacuum cleaners. Bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner? Which is the best vacuum cleaner? Which vacuum cleaner to buy? […]

Don’t Want to Drill the Wall to Mount Your Dyson Cordless Vacuum? Here Is the Answer

If you are the owner of a Dyson V6, V7, V8 or V10 cordless vacuum cleaner, you’ll like this. Similarly, if you have a Dyson DC35, DC44, DC45, DC56, DC57, DC59, DC72, DC73 or DC74 you’ll like this too. When you buy a cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner, one of the things that can often stump […]

Dyson Red Button Tools: Two Sizes That Look the Same. CY22, CY23, Light Ball & Big Ball Adaptors Explained.

We have written here before to try and demystify the confusion with Dyson tool socket fittings and adaptors. Here is one previous article: Dyson V8 tool adaptors: Use your old tools with your Dyson V7 and V8 (if you have a V8 or V7 – read that instead). Here is another: Which Dyson ‘Universal’ Adaptor […]

“Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Do Not Need Servicing” Yes or No? Read the Truth

There have been several items recently on television and in the media, and statements made by Trading Standards and Dyson themselves that “Dysons do not need servicing”. This is a very general and broad sweeping statement that as a stand alone statement is patently untrue in that it cannot be applied to all Dyson vacuum […]

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