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The Unofficial Dyson Forums Newsletter – Summer 2014

The Unofficial Dyson Forums Newsletter – Summer 2014. Hello Dyson Enthusiast, It has been a while since we sent out a forum newsletter, several years in fact. So we thought one was long overdue. We would like to bring you up-to-date on the happenings on the site in recent months. The forum continues to go […]

BBC Watchdog Item on Dyson Repairer Appliance Service Direct Ltd

BBC’s Watchdog recently did a piece on UK Vac Services Ltd, also referred to in the feature as Appliance Service Direct Ltd (one and the same number and data it seems). While we applaud the effort of the BBC to educate consumers on the dangers of some of the “Repair your Dyson in your own home” […]

Dyson DC40 DC41 Hard to Push – Sticking to the Floor. Missing Wheel.

We highlighted a few months ago what we thought to be a design fault with the DC40 and DC41 here: Possible soleplate design fault on the DC40 and DC41. There is also a relevant topic on these machines on the unofficial Dyson forums here: Stripping Down a DC41 Cleaner Head: Brushroll Motor & Design Faults. […]

Cheap Dyson Motors – 150 Reasons Not to Buy One.

If you are looking for a cheap replacement motor for your Dyson vacuum cleaner, you may well head over to eBay or Amazon or a similar site and buy the cheapest one you can find. You can sometimes get a cheap Chinese copy one for about twenty pounds. After all, a motor is just a motor […]

Where to Buy an Extra Long Dyson Flex.

So you want an extra-long flex for your Dyson? Maybe you want a replacement flex for your Kirby? You are in luck too! Some call it a cord, lead, wire or cable – its a tomato tomarto thing. We say flex. Technically, Dyson do not supply extra length flexes for their machines. Of course, you […]

Possible soleplate design fault on DC40 and DC41

Although the DC40 and DC41 are recent models of Dyson machine, and most are still under warranty, an alarming fault has been noted by a few people and the only answer is often a new cleaner head. These machines have a central wheel on the soleplate that prevents the machine making too much contact with […]

How to remove the ball wheel on a Dyson DC40/DC41/DC42 and DC43

We are looking here to access the area near the gimbal lock arm spring on the Dyson DC40, DC41, DC42 and DC43. To do this involves getting to the wheel/ball mechanism on the machine. In order to access this, you use a pair of long nose pliers to remove the glamour cap in the wheel, you insert the long nose […]

How To Access The Dyson DC40 and DC41 Washable Filter

The Dyson DC40 and the Dyson DC41 have a washable pre-motor filter. If your DC40 or DC41 isn’t picking up very well, chances are that the filter is blocked. The photos below are from the Dyson DC41, but the DC40 is identical in this respect (also be aware if buying replacement filters, that the filters are not […]

What is the difference between the Dyson DC40 and the Dyson DC41?

What is the difference between the Dyson DC40 and the Dyson DC41? I was asked this question the other day, and although regarded by some as a bit of a Dyson guru, I didn’t have the foggiest idea. I knew they were both recently released “Ball” machines, but as to the difference between them? No idea at all.  So today, whilst in a […]

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