Where to Buy a Dyson DC41 Motor

So you want to swap the main motor on your Dyson DC41 and cannot believe the price of the motor bucket assembly?

This is the predicament I had recently when I came by a DC41 with a burned out motor. I stripped it down (a mammoth task since you ask) and discovered it had a YDK YV-16K24F motor in there. I searched in vain for a part number to replace this motor but had no success.

e-spares are quoting an eye-watering £121.25 for a “motor bucket assembly” (Ref ES1557145 over there if you want a laugh). The four week delivery window enthralled me even less than paying over a hundred quid. Clearly that is ridiculous, so its Dyson Medic investigation time.

I asked Dyson who were predictably cagey about coughing up a part number for just the motor.

Further investigation told me that all they supply is the “motor bucket assembly” at a price high enough to render the machine scrap for most people. This is an attempt – in my opinion – to force people into a Dyson repair, and cut out entirely the after-market and the DIY repairer.

Not to be outdone, I started investigating what machines used variants of the YV-16K24F motor. And what those variants might be. Bingo! 

Dyson DC41 Motor

On the left is a burned out DC41 motor YDK YV-16K24F. On the right is a new Dyson motor YDK YV-16K24FA.

The difference between them is only the thermal cut out. On the DC41 it has traditional motor leads, on the other it has spade connectors. So all we do is either fashion motor leads using the left spade as the live on the new motor, or swap over the TOC with the single screw that holds it in place. I prefer to do the latter as the TOC units seldom go faulty.

I run my findings past our friends at Manchester Vacs and they agreed with me, so they have now made the motor available and you can get it from here: Buy Dyson DC41 Motor.

That represents a whopping great saving of £71.25 over getting a motor bucket assembly from e-spares.

Let us hope that Dyson don’t do what they did with the DC24 brushroll motor here and throttle trade supply causing them to be backordered constantly. If they do, I expect the after-market will respond to this one quite quickly.

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