Brand New YDK YV-500 DC02 Motor Discovered!

Looking for a Dyson DC02 YDK YV-500 motor?

You may just get lucky if you are fast enough.

Some time ago, Dyson UK abandoned all parts manufacturing and service support for the DC01’s and DC02’s.

Since then, if you wanted a motor for a DC02, apart from trying to shoehorn another similar one in there, you were screwed.

However, one supplier we use – Manchester Vacs – have unearthed a brand new Dyson one!

Dyson YV500 DC02 Motor

This is likely the very last one you will find anywhere!

The DC02 is now quite an old machine. Good ones are now becoming quite retro and collectible.

If you need a motor for your DC02, this one will cost you £50 and you can get it here: Dyson DC02 spares.

If you don’t see it on that page, you have missed it! Good luck!

3 Responses to “Brand New YDK YV-500 DC02 Motor Discovered!”

  1. I am advised that this item is now sold.

  2. adrian collins on October 9th, 2020 at 7:58 am


    I have a Dyson DC 02 vacuum cleaner with a broken cable rewind.I would like to rewire the unit bypassing the whole rewind unit ,which will be removed. I want the mains cable to run through the switch and operate the motor.How do I reconnect the wiring and would I need to incorporate an in line fuse.There is a kind of metal piece in line on one of the red wires. I don’t know what this is.

    Any help would be most welcome.The unit is a family heirloom.Regards Adrian Collins

  3. The plug (if a UK model) will have a fuse in. If a 2 pole switch, route the brown in and out of it. Blue to blue. If a 4 pole switch, blue in and out one side, brown in and out on the other. Use a voltmeter to check which pole goes with which). Really simple.

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