Black Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer.

Yes, you read that right! A BLACK Dyson Airblade. How cool is that?

I have never seen one before, and neither have you.

The reason for this is that Dyson do not actually make a black Airblade hand dryer. They make them in silver and white only.

Dyson make the Airblade in the AB01 (aluminium body) and AB03  (polycarbonate body) for the UK, Australian and European market.

The American versions that run on 110v are badged the AB02 and AB04.

So what do you make of this machine?

Black Dyson Airblade

This is a bespoke Airblade that has been built by Manchester Vacs.

Black Dyson Airblade

This is an aluminium bodied AB01 that was stripped down to the bare bones, then the case was shot blasted and powder coated (stove enamelled) in gloss black.

Black Dyson Hand Dryer.

The machine was then rebuilt from the ground up using new sensors and filters and now looks brand new.

If you want one of these, it will cost you £475 from this page: Buy Dyson hand dryers

Its always nice when the cool option is also the green option and the best for Britain option.

With this being a recycled machine that was rebuilt and refurbished in the UK, the rebuild and stove enamelling work was done by British workers.

As the Airblade costs less to run than using paper hand towels does, and no trees get cut down to make it, using one wont get George Monbiot all bent out of shape.

So by buying something like this, you hit the green target on three or four levels. Not to mention you have a bespoke seriously cool appliance in your home or workplace.

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