A different type of DC33 YDK motor I encountered today.

I am first going to put some part numbers out there in order that Google will find them before I explain.

Dyson part number: 924643-01

Dyson DC33 motor number: YDK YV-16K24HE.

This going to be a fun one for the Dyson spare part suppliers out there.

Today, I was in one of our parts suppliers, and they asked my advice on a motor they had had returned because it didn’t fit.

Claiming to be for the DC33, the part number was 924643-01 and the motor number was YDK YV-16K24.


However, this motor didn’t fit the machine it was supplied to fit, and here’s why.


The base is too shallow.

It looks like a regular YDK motor, but the base is much more shallow.

Dyson DC33 Motor

This means it is not going to fit any DC33 I ever saw. Certainly not without a replacement deeper fan case seal.

Exactly the trouble the chap had. Naturally, I advised them they need a standard DC33 motor instead.

The original part number for the DC33 motor is 914779-07. However, a glance at one of the trade suppliers website tells us that this has been superseded by this shallow one.


NOW USE 924643-01 – MOTOR YV162K24EE DYSON DC33

However, while Dyson seem to have decided to use a different motor in the DC33, it isn’t going to fit unless you change that rubber too. And they didn’t bother to tell anyone that (they did this with the DC08 once upon a time to retire them early until we published the fix).

Does anyone have a part number for the replacement rubber that is needed for those who choose to buy genuine? It isn’t the standard 903363-01 one.

As we know the bods from Dyson read Dyson Medic, can one of you tell us perhaps? Also tell us why some sources are quoting “HE” at the end and some sources “EE” and what they represent?

A quick browse around the search engines with this new number of 924643-01 is showing it interchangeable with the standard one – which it isn’t. So that is going to cause some of the internet spare parts sellers (the ones who don’t actually know one end of a Dyson from the other) a world of pain when everyone wants to return this new one because it doesn’t fit.

So here’s the skinny in a nutshell: 

If you want a replacement motor for your DC33, get one from people who actually know what they are doing: >>Buy a standard DC33 motor here<<

If you really want a genuine one for some reason (and there really is no reason – but some people just like to spend more), get a 911934-01 instead – which is an available alternative genuine one that will fit your machine perfectly.

If you have bought a 924643-01 (YDK YV-16K24EE – YV-16K24HE) from eBay or some place – and the base is shallower than your old one, it wont fit.

Send it back or demand the correct motor fan case seal to match it (blow his mind by telling him it isn’t 903363-01). The seller sold you the wrong thing but likely didn’t know because the trade information from Dyson said it would fit.

If anyone finds out the correct part number for this later fan-case seal, do please post it here in the comments section below.

As always, your comments are welcomed below.

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  1. I have the same problem. One customer assistant told me that I needed part no DYS921867-01 for a replacement seal case, but I have been unable to find this. Subsequent assistants have just quoted DYS903363-01

  2. I see 921867-01 available at the trade suppliers. But it has no picture or description. Other than YDK fan case seal.

    These people will get you one if you give them that number: http://manchestervacs.co.uk/Dyson/dyson-shop.html

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