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How to Replace the Motor on a Dyson DC15.

This is a repost of an excellent tutorial on the Unofficial Dyson Forums regarding changing the motor on a Dyson DC15. I considered it so comprehensive that I requested – and received – permission to repost it for the benefit of Dyson Medic readers. The model featured is an “All Floors” DC15.  But the motor […]

Grab a DC02 Cable Rewind While You Can!

DC02 cable rewinds have been obsolete for several years already. We wrote some time ago about the demise of the DC01 and DC02 spares market. So when dusty old boxes of stuff turn up, they are like gold dust. Well, that is exactly what has happened. One supplier in a job lot of stuff from […]

£18 for a Stubborn Dirt Brush? Really Mr Dyson?

The stubborn dirt brush is slightly better at some tasks than the standard brush tool. It has much stiffer bristles and really allows you to get stuck into stuff like dried on mud and the various detritus that kids leave all over houses and cars. OK, so its a nice and handy little tool and […]

Where to get a cheap DC16 in car charger.

Now there is a good idea! I didn’t even know they existed until I saw one the other day, but they do. Many people use hand-held Dysons such as the DC16 on boats and suchlike, but as the battery life isn’t too great, one is left with the charging up issue. You can buy them […]

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