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Where to Buy an Extra Long Dyson Flex.

So you want an extra-long flex for your Dyson? Maybe you want a replacement flex for your Kirby? You are in luck too! Some call it a cord, lead, wire or cable – its a tomato tomarto thing. We say flex. Technically, Dyson do not supply extra length flexes for their machines. Of course, you […]

A different type of DC33 YDK motor I encountered today.

I am first going to put some part numbers out there in order that Google will find them before I explain. Dyson part number: 924643-01 Dyson DC33 motor number: YDK YV-16K24HE. This going to be a fun one for the Dyson spare part suppliers out there. Today, I was in one of our parts suppliers, […]

Manchester Vacs on the Radio!

Its always interesting to watch a small business expand; especially when they do what they do well. Manchester Vacs started as a small Dyson specialist shop a few years ago. Dyson Medic was there the first day they opened with about ten machines in the shop. With vacuum cleaner expertise dating back from when Hoover […]

Dyson Spare Parts Australia

So, you are on the bottom of the planet in Oz or New Zealand and fed up of getting ripped off for Dyson spare parts? It seems many of the Aussies I speak with about their Dysons always have one gripe: Buying Dyson spares at reasonable prices down under.  It seems Dyson spares are very […]

DC25: No Power To Cleaner Head

A problem we have started noticing with the Dyson DC25 is no power coming out of the machine to the cleanerhead. The DC25 is notorious for cleanerhead problems; you will find other articles on Dyson Medic about it. But this is one we are seeing more and more of, so I thought it worth documenting. […]

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