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Dyson Launches Six New Hand Dryers: AB06, AB07, AB08, AB09, AB10 and AB11

Those in the trade have known for a while that Dyson were about to launch a combined hand dryer and tap. We wrote about it here on Dyson Medic last year here: Dyson Submits Patents For Water Tap That Can Dry Your Hands. However, what was kept under wraps slightly better was the face-lifted hand dryers and all new […]

Purple Dyson Stair Tools Now Available Again

Dyson discontinued the purple stair tools some time ago. They reverted to making only grey/silver ones that were compatible for any machine. However, now they have the cheek to charge you a whopping £10 for one of their stair tools. And as you are checking out, adding a further £3 for shipping. An eye-watering £13 […]

How to replace the clutch on a Dyson DC04.

For the lady who left a comment here today requesting how to access the clutch on her DC04, I was going to put up a tutorial. However, I found a video that showed how to do it very well indeed. So I didn’t need to make one. The video was produced by Alec Nelson over at Vacuum Spot in […]

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