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Review of the AM04 Dyson Hot Heater

I had wanted a Dyson AM04 Hot for some time. What put me off was the £200+ price tag for what is essentially a flashy fan heater. Most online sellers are currently selling these for around £280 which is way too much money. However, when one of the parts suppliers I use offered a (£230 inc. VAT) […]

Black Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer.

Yes, you read that right! A BLACK Dyson Airblade. How cool is that? I have never seen one before, and neither have you. The reason for this is that Dyson do not actually make a black Airblade hand dryer. They make them in silver and white only. Dyson make the Airblade in the AB01 (aluminium body) and AB03  (polycarbonate […]

Dyson Submits Patents For Water Tap That Can Dry Your Hands

Dyson have filed a patent application for a tap which can dry your hands. So a Dyson tap-come-hand dryer is on the way. As reported first by the New Scientist, the idea is to have a single tap on your sink which contains an air blower as well as a water spout. Presumably, they intend […]

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