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Dyson’s over-priced mini turbine tool no longer dominates the market!

For some time, Dyson customers have been wondering why the mini turbine tool that Dyson sell costs an agonizingly expensive £45 to buy from them. It seems a little over-priced at £45 doesn’t it? “Forty five quid?” I hear you gasp in disbelief. For sure, Dyson have never been shy in selling an item at the very top end of what they […]

Beware Non Genuine Dyson DC04 Hoses

Many Dyson compatible parts are made nowadays by a myriad of manufacturers that are of comparable quality, or even exceed the quality of the genuine Dyson parts. Back telescopic hoses are a good example of this. Back hoses are made for the DC01, DC04, DC07, DC14, DC15, DC24, DC25 and DC33 by other manufacturers. These are not always of good quality; indeed, one […]

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