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Brand new Dyson DC33’s for Just £199 including delivery

Manchester Vacs have done it again!  In the 1990’s they brought you brand new DC04’s at unbeatable prices. They sold hundreds. In the naughties they brought you brand new ‘grey imported’ DC15’s at unbeatable prices. They sold hundreds. In June 2012 they are offering brand new DC33’s at just £199. Yes, £199 including FREE UK mainland delivery. I spoke to Claire from Manchester Vacs on the telephone today and I got the heads up on this offer that started today! She told me she doesn’t know how […]

Sell a Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer – AB01 or AB03.

Looking for a Dyson Airblade hand dryer buyer? If you have found yourself with a brand new-in-the-box (or working used) Dyson Airblade hand dryer you want to sell, we can direct you to where you can sell it easily and quickly for a reasonable price.  Forget the messers on eBay. That means fielding loads of stupid questions, reading insulting offers and […]

How to remove the ball wheel on a Dyson DC40/DC41/DC42 and DC43

We are looking here to access the area near the gimbal lock arm spring on the Dyson DC40, DC41, DC42 and DC43. To do this involves getting to the wheel/ball mechanism on the machine. In order to access this, you use a pair of long nose pliers to remove the glamour cap in the wheel, you insert the long nose […]

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