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Want to Repair a DC01 YDK YV-940 Motor? Get an Armature!

The Dyson DC01 YDK type motor (designated YV-940) has been unavailable for some time. The DC01 was Dyson’s first vacuum cleaner in the UK and they are now almost two decades old. We wrote about the fact that Dyson has abandoned all parts supply and support for its first born here: The Slow Demise of the DC01 and the DC02. The fact that […]

Why a Dyson DC07 Needs a Proper Service

Why a Dyson DC07 Needs a Proper Service. An unusual article title you may think. Not so….. When you have the “fly-by-night” cowboys in your home to do a twenty minute Dyson DC07 service, they will not do a proper job. “Why not?” you may ask. Well, the reason is, that with a Dyson DC07, a professional service involves stripping the cyclone […]

Dyson DC07 Hose Removal & Replacement.

Dyson DC07 hose removal and replacement. Remember to have the appliance unplugged before attempting this repair. Tools needed: You will need no tools to do this; only your fingers! The back telescopic hose can become ripped and may need replacing at some point. The connector can also pull away from the hose, as on the […]

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